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Who are we?

America has been called the melting pot of the world. But, the meld is no longer working. Today we have: Congress’ Black Caucus; the Oneida Nation; the Menominee nation; Japanese-Americans; NAACP; National Organization of Women; Gay Americans; — and a myriad of other groups who segregate themselves by their ethnicity,gender or sexual orientation rather than by their country. The only people who not allowed to form a representative group are the white males, age 25 – 50, because that particular delineation is considered discriminatory in today’s world.

Why are we increasingly divided? Why do many choose to be identified by their ethnicity when others using that same ethnicity are considered racist? Why has America been having trouble assimilating these diverse groups into one cohesive entity?

The main reason is greed. Yes, there is money to be made and power to be gained by dividing the American people into easily identifiable groups. Once you can delineate a sector of the American voting population, you can then buy their votes. But, first, you have to separate people and make them unhappy with their status. You must create the impression that someone else has dishonorably gained their financial position and that the other’s money SHOULD belong to EVERYONE. Then, you tax the wealthier groups to redistribute to the poorer groups and, in the process, you be sure to let the recipients KNOW that this largesse comes from YOU, not the pockets of your neighbors.

This is a good system for the politicians who need votes. But, in the process, we are creating a divided country, not a united America.

Congress was formed to represent the entire American populace and not to become an aristocracy of power-hungry and egocentric men and women. If America wants to survive, we have to unite behind our troops who fight to keep terrorism away from our shores. We have to stop using the problems of any group as a voting base for the next election. We have to understand that the success of one person is not the reason for the failure of another. And that differences between people should not be a podium for politicians to build a campaign on.

We have to remember that there are no Japanese Americans or African Americans. There are Americans who are Japanese, just as there are Americans who are black. There are Americans who are gay, and those who are not. There are Americans like me who are descended from immigrants and those who claim to have lived here forever. But, none of that should matter.

If we wish to move into the future successfully, we have to stop emphasizing our differences, and start using our commonalities. A strong, united America is better able to face an increasingly hostile world than an America which is so self centered that it can’t see the threat without.

So, who are we?

WE ARE AMERICA and damned proud of it!

harry reid

You might ask why I don’t capitalize his name… well it’s because he doesn’t deserve it to me. He has no worth to American existence. Yes… we need differing views, but don’t you EVER say we are defeated. America is NEVER defeated. We fight for the right, whether you left winged lunatics believe it or not, we fight for what’s right. Did you believe Iraq had WMD’s? No? Do you think we should help Dafur? Nothing is different you hypocritical assholes. Sadaam killed people un-mercifly. Dafur is doing the same. It’s just someone killing another person. But you turn it political. Even say Bush lied 100%, there is no way you can deny the helping of innocent civilians. Just like the Holocaust… someone wanting to exterminate someone else. All Iran wants to do is eliminate Christianity. In all forms.

I forget the phrase ’cause I hear it so often, but here is he short version. (From what I remember) Besides slavery and communism, war has solved nothing.

Blame Bush

So all I hear from the left-wing media or liberals in my daily life is that the economy is bad or Bush eats defenseless puppies. Ok, so maybe not that last part, but the first one makes me sick.

“Put simply, American companies are enjoying the most sumptuously profitable period in the 500’s 53-year history,” said Shawn Tully, Fortune’s editor at large.

So that means that basically that the economy is dang strong. So sorry liberals, stronger than under Clinton. But Mr. Knowledge, that’s only talking about the corporations, how does that help me? Note how liberals are ‘Me, Me, Me’ when they want it for themselves, then rip on Republicans when we believe in less government intervention? But what people don’t realize is the jobs that these ‘corporations’ give to people. All the workers at GM, or any of the other businesses, or the fact that they do good, so that means the price of those products are cheaper. Benefiting you.

-Mr. Knowledge

Um… what?

Um… ok. So anything factual from history that offends someone should be removed. Evolution offends Christians, should that be removed? Saying Abe Lincoln was shot offends me, do not teach it.

-Mr. Knowledge