Blame Bush

So all I hear from the left-wing media or liberals in my daily life is that the economy is bad or Bush eats defenseless puppies. Ok, so maybe not that last part, but the first one makes me sick.

“Put simply, American companies are enjoying the most sumptuously profitable period in the 500’s 53-year history,” said Shawn Tully, Fortune’s editor at large.

So that means that basically that the economy is dang strong. So sorry liberals, stronger than under Clinton. But Mr. Knowledge, that’s only talking about the corporations, how does that help me? Note how liberals are ‘Me, Me, Me’ when they want it for themselves, then rip on Republicans when we believe in less government intervention? But what people don’t realize is the jobs that these ‘corporations’ give to people. All the workers at GM, or any of the other businesses, or the fact that they do good, so that means the price of those products are cheaper. Benefiting you.

-Mr. Knowledge

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