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2019 — a year when Decency in public returns?

Well, it’s the end of another year.  Can it also be an end of the  continuous denigrating of others?  Can it be the end of ALL racial antagonism?  Can it be the end of politicians striving for re-election and not what is good for America?

The beginning of a new year should bring optimism.  But, in the realm of politics, the bear-baiting will continue unless some in the public arena remember that calling names, insulting others, and being down-right nasty towards political opponents, is NOT what their parents would have taught them. Maybe they can learn to act like mature adults.  And, maybe these politicians can learn to care more about America than spouting their personal vitriol.

In an effort to straighten out the divisive rhetoric and unseemly actions by people in public life, let me offer these suggestions for 2019:

Maxine Waters, please stop calling for impeachment.  We’ve heard your complaints ad nauseum and know there is no basis for you hatred of President Trump, except your personal vendetta to use impeachment to keep yourself on tv.  Your responsibility as a representative is NOT to divide nor to deride, but to help guide congress in directions to help America.

Bill Crystal, your resolution should be to advance the Conservative agenda, NOT to tear down a Republican President.  Forget your personal embarrassment about making a fool of yourself over President Trump.  Put on your big boy pants and help the Conservative cause, not pout about losing your status with we conservatives.

Soon-to-be-ex-senator Flake,   we are so glad you are gone!  You are well……………..a flake, for sure.

Chief Justice Roberts, if you truly believe that the Judiciary is unbiased….why do all the Lieberals travel to the 9th circuit for their complaints?  Maybe Justice is blind, but judges show their political bias again and again in their decisions.

Pelosi…………..oh, please, not again!

Schumer………….oh, double please, for once try to be a statesman and not just a shill for the Far Left.

Paul Ryan…..we didn’t know ye, that’s for sure.  What a disappointment you were when you could have been so great.

Elizabeth Warren, I know Native Americans.  They are not only our friends, but my Great Grandmother really was a Menominee — that’s being a real Native American.  YOU are NO Native American.  And, we all know it.

Kamala and Hirono — you both used under-handed tactics and untrue allegations IN AN ATTEMPT  to besmirch a good man with no regard for the truth and certainly without any concern for the man’s family.  Neither of you deserve to be in the Senate nor to have any influence in judicial nominations because you both misused the system for personal gain.

Hillary…………well, you managed to escape justice again;  but, sometime, all your devious deeds WILL be uncovered.

And,  Bill?  No matter what the Bushs say, you really are a despicable man.

There are many, many more who could use a kick in the backside, but these are the notable ones.  Let’s hope that 2019 brings forth better men and women than these and that our country can begin to believe that politicians must also be statesmen.

So, welcome, 2019.  Please bring back public decency and morality.  And, please return the public forum to one where discourse between people who disagree is done civilly and with respect for the other person.  We are all Americans and we should all want what is best for America.

Will 2019 be a year when decency returns?  We live in hope.