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President Obama — accessory?

President Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder,continually attempt  to thwart the immigration laws of the United States.  Unfortunately, Obama is interested only in the votes that the Hispanic community will bring him, not the welfare of the USA.

But, now his blatant efforts to subvert our country’s immigration laws has hit a new low.  While his efforts to give illegals more rights than even citizens enjoy, he  has now decided to form a hotline for these same illegals in the hopes that they can avoid facing the penalties for their illegal presence in our country and, in the future, gain Obama more votes.

This is not only an obvious political ploy, it is also illegal.  Because, after all, anyone who knowingly aids a felon or felonious act becomes an accessory and faces the same legal penalties.

All law-abiding Americans should tell president Obama to follow the laws he swore to uphold, including the laws against illegal aliens even when it might benefit a vote-hungry President.



Pelosi…not paying her fair share?

While President Obama Arrives in Hawaii Amidst Security and Fanfare, Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Slips Quietly into Big Island Resort


Has anyone ever wondered if legislators are paid too much?  Well, here’s a representative who is paid WAY too much and can throw money away.  Oh, yes, Pelosi has a LOT of spare cash if she can spend $10,000 per night just to stay in a hotel in Haiwaii.

And, ANYONE who can afford to pay $10,000 per night for a hotel room had better not complain to me or anyone else about “those who aren’t paying their fair share.”


A New Teapot Dome Scandal?

President Obama has appointed Senator Schumer’s brother-in-law to a judgeship in New Jersey.  Really?  Is a relative of an influential United States Senator the only choice?  Will the media even take notice and comment on the inappropriateness or even insidiousness of appointing yet another of the inner circle to a position of authority?  No.  CBS, NBC, MSNBC are all trying to stay within Obama’s inner circle, so they’ll say nothing, or laud the choice.  That’s obvious.

It certainly sounds to me as though Obama wants to have his buddies in every level of authority he can.  There was Rahm, a political crony from Shytown.  Geither, another buddy, who couldn’t remember or didn’t know how to file his taxes, was slotted for Treasury.  Holder, another buddy, now runs the Department of Justice.  And, these are just the most prominent friends of Obama appointed to influential positions of government and working very hard for Obama’s agenda, not the benefit of the USA.

Shouldn’t government appointees, especially a judge,  be impartial?  Shouldn’t even the APPEARANCE of any appointment be impartial or does this approach another Teapot Dome Scandal?  It surely sounds like it.  All I know is that I’m warming up the tea kettle, in case we need some hot water to clean the scum created by  Obama and his cronies.

Until the media starts honestly reporting on President Obama’s scandalous behaviour, anyone for tea?

Matt Damon — Political expert or political junkie?

The media seems to love telling us what Hollywood “experts” think about everything under the sun, including their political comments.  I have never understood this fascination with what famous, more often infamous, people want us to believe.   As someone who believes President Obama is the worst possible president we could have elected because Obama had absolutely no skill set, no experience, and even no belief in our Constitution, it really doesn’t change my opinions when Matt Damon tells us “his” views.

It is far more important to do our own research online than to fixate on a wannabe expert like Damon.  And, that research had better include a multitude of sources because the cable media has a love affair with President Obama and hardly ever discuss any fact that goes contrary to his image. CNN, MSNBC and even ABC are NOT in the business of reporting factual news, their goal is to influence the next election so that Lieberalism wins again.  That is why the networks concentrate on glamorizing Obama and insulting all conservatives and conservative viewpoints.

It’s time to start thinking for ourselves. Don’t let a pretty face convince you that that “face” knows what is best for the USA.  Because, that “face” is just that….a face.  Maybe it’s time to put our own face on the issues again.  We need to rely upon our own opinions, not those from an over-paid, arrogant actor from Hollywood.

After all, do you really care what Matt Damon thinks?  Do you really care if Matt Damon has flip-flopped from loving Obama to insulting Obama?   It’s time to replace the ignorant Lieberals with some good old American common sense and return to the strength that an informed electorate gives our country.

Don’t rely on someone like Matt Damon because he is obviously not a political expert.  He’s just a talking head, and little more than a political junkie who happens to be well known.




Merry Christmas!

Or, not, depending on what your governmental job is.

In a country with a majority of its citizens identifying themselves as “Christian”, and, on a holiday that is based on the birth of Christ, certain Congressman are prevented from wishing their constituents Merry Christmas in any official mailings.

How does this equate with President Obama “celebrating” Muslim holidays or Jewish holidays?  The only difference is that Christians are an easy target because we turn the other cheek as Jesus instructed us.

So, Political Correctness be damned.  Merry Christmas to Everyone.  And, remember that Jesus is the Light of the World.

And, the Light was for all Time…

And, the Love was for All Men.


Is there Intelligent Life in Wisconsin’s GAB?

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, GAB,  has said it will accept any name on the recall petitions IF there is a valid address and date.   The bureaucrats have decided that it is not their job to make sure that ONLY LEGAL RESIDENTS sign the petitions.  So, Adolph Hitler will be accepted as a signature unless he uses his address in Germany!

Isn’t the GAB supposed to protect us from fraud?  And, if a fake name on a recall petition isn’t thrown out, then fraud has occurred.

There already are too many bureaucrats regulating our lives and businesses and now, we have bureaucrats being paid for NOT doing their job!  If the GAB feels it can’t be responsible for checking whether a signature is valid or not, let’s find someone who will.  After all, there are many unemployed Wisconsin residents looking for work.  They would welcome a job and would probably do it well, and for less, than the current GAB bureaucrats.

It’s criminal that the Government Accountability Board is cheating the Wisconsin electorate and not even living up to the most important word in its name… “accountability”.


Lying around by the Media

Why does the media continue to allow President Obama to continuously lie about what Republicans have done?  Why does the media allow him to continue lying about what he previously said and what he says now.  Why does the media allow him to flip flop on issues and to avoid contentious issues by blaming someone else?

How many times can Obama blame “rich” Americans for not paying their share and the media fails to point out the obvious:  what Obama calls a millionaire is, for the most part, a small business person earning about $250,000? And, the spending programs Obama promotes are putting America into the poor house.

How many times is Obama allowed to blame Republicans for the unemployment problem when, in fact, the Republican House has sent over 18 bills to the Senate and Harry Reid is the one who refuses to allow them to come up for a vote?

How many times will the media not take Obama to task for yet another vacation, another golf game, or another game of hoops or traveling under the guise of “business” when, in fact, he is not doing his job as President and, so very obviously vacationing and campaigning on the taxpayer’s dollar?

The media accepts Obama’s lack of dedication to the Presidency because they themselves don’t want to do their job which is to check out what anyone in public office says or does or spends.  Oh, yes, the media is the perfect sidekick to Obama.

The media is a bunch of lazy, opinionated, susceptible, and often belligerant, bunch of ne’er-do-wells that do way too much “lying around”, in every sense of the words.  No wonder they get along so well with President Obama!