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The epitome of arrogance….

So, now Pelosia is using the old Clinton dodge of “what is the meaning of ‘is’ ?”.  Remember when he hung his defense upon “the meaning of ‘is’?” .   His obfuscation of his testimony was only the beginning for Democrats.  Now, Pelosi is reaching out to redefine bi-partisanship for her own, political advancement….and, that of President Obama.

So, with the “new” definition of bi-partisanship,  Democrats claim they do not need Republican votes to make the reconciliation be bi-partisan.  After all, Pelosi claims that conservatives had their chance……….to talk!  Of course, Democrats didn’t accept anything that the conservatives were talking about, but, hey, they had “their chance”.  Thus, the bill becomes bi-partisan without the need for anything except Democrats’ votes.

Pelosi: GOP has had its day; confident Dems can come together

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Sunday that Republicans have left their mark on the healthcare bill and should accept that the bill will go forward.

“They’ve had plenty of opportunity to make their voices heard,” she said on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning. “Bipartisanship is a two-way street. A bill can be bipartisan without bipartisan votes. Republicans have left their imprint.”

Pelosi is probably the most arrogant member of Congress.  She calls tea-baggers, Americans who happen to disagree with her, “astroturf”.  She tells her fellow Democrats that they should put their re-election aside and vote for this bill.  (What would happen if HER job were at stake?)  And, now, she is busy creating new definitions for words that don’t suit her!

This is why Congress’ approval is down to about 10%!  This is why American citizens, not only tea-baggers, are angry and demanding to be heard. This is Congress at its worst –the epitome of arrogance.

Just another talking head —

After a day-long summit to discuss compromises to the health legislation that Democrats and President Obama are pushing, several conclusions can be reached.

President Obama obviously did NOT want to compromise with any Republican ideas.  Rather, he thought that his magnificent presence on tv would sway Congress and voters to his side of the debate.

Republicans presented valid ideas including:  inter-state insurance; tort reform; grouping of small businesses to buy insurance.  These would lower the health care costs for businesses and individuals and provide health care to more Americans.  None of the Democrats nor Obama seriously accepted these proposals.  At the end of the day, Obama clearly was upset that Republicans did not jump onto his bandwagon, even though he said he would “contemplate” their ideas.  He must think we are all idiots.  That we don’t realize that  he and the Democrats  intend to try to ram this legislation through with reconciliation — a process they previously repudiated.

President Obama showed his own arrogance by talking, and talking, and talking.  Well, according to him, he’s the President, so he gets more time!  Really?  Wasn’t he there to listen to everyone’s ideas?

Republicans explicitly demonstrated that the health legislation being proposed would not only cost us more money, would NOT cover more people, and would only be in effect for 6 of the 10 years that taxes were collected for it.   In essence, the legislation does NOT do what Democrats claim it will do, Americans absolutely do NOT WANT it, and it might actually ruin the financial integrity of our country.  It was a waste of everyone’s time.

The summit was exactly what people suspected it would be– grandstanding by President Obama and the Democrats.  They had no intention of listening to the other sides’ ideas and all they wanted was a photo op so they could claim they were trying for bi-partisanship.  Unfortunately, for them, Americans saw through this fiction and yet another poll proves that Americans do NOT trust Obama nor the Congress.

Washington (CNN) – A majority of Americans think the federal government poses a threat to rights of Americans, according to a new national poll.

Watching this debacle on tv was even more boring than watching reruns….wait.  This actually WAS a rerun of the Democrats’ and Obama’s talking points.

If they truly want to “do what the American public wants”, then they had better start listening.  As of yesterday, they and Obama were just doing what they always do — talk.   The saddest outcome of this health summit is that Democrats hardened their “we’re right” attitude and forgot that they were elected to represent us — our views and wishes — not pass legislation that helps them get re-elected!

So, the real outcome of yesterday’s “summit” was that  President Obama, he of the “change, transparency, bi-partisanship” campaign, became just another talking head.

Another health scare!

OMG!  I almost had a heart attack when I heard President Obama state that he was going to shrug off his partisan ways and actually discuss health legislation with the Republicans!  This bi-partisanship would be a first in his year-long presidency.   What a wonderful scenario it would be if he and the Democrats stopped their posturing and pontificating and tried to work around what the American people want, not what politicians want!

Well, today, we know that Obama’s latest promise of working with ALL the congress, not just conspiring with Democrats, is about as true as the data used by those scientists who claimed global warming would destroy the Earth.

Today, Obama proposed what HE sees as a plan for health care.  He didn’t bother to ask Americans exactly what they wanted.  He didn’t bother to check with anyone but his own bully partisans, i.e., Reid, Pelosi, Schurmer, and the other “ilks”.  He didn’t bother to determine what proposals are needed and how to implement them.

Nope.  He just had someone write down a bunch of proposals…oh, by the way, they are Democrat proposals!   That is typical of many “small” legislative proposals— written in the back room by some assistant and voted in by legislators who take neither the time to read it nor the time to study it.  It is typical to make the legislation so verbose that no one can understand it nor the nuances.  It is typical to hide gifts for your advocates within the legislation.

What is not typical is the complete lack of bi-partisanship on a bill of this monumental importance. It is NOT typical to TELL the American public that they MUST BUY HEALTH INSURANCE or face fines. It is NOT typical to continue spending taxpayer money to convince Americans that they are pretty stupid and don’t know what is best for them. It is NOT typical to claim transparency because the bill will be online, if it truly is this time, for 72 hours!

Those with any common sense know that 72 hours is not enough time to scrutinize a bill — Democrats are counting on this.  Everyone knows this is a political ploy by Democrats — Democrats are hoping we will forget before election day.  Everyone in America, except the Democrats, is saying “NO!”  In poll after poll, Americans resoundingly say they DO NOT WANT THIS HEALTH LEGISLATION TO PASS!  So, why do Obama and his league of miscreants totter on?

Well, we all know why.  It is a canard to say that Democrats are trying to improve health care. It is true that they are trying to foist a health system on all Americans that only a few will pay for and that will ration health care and that will scare away doctors.  Their pet dogs, like the unions and a few chosen few of the states, MIGHT benefit FINANCIALLY because someone ELSE IS PAYING THE BILL.

Oh, President Obama’s proposals for health legislation are indeed scary.  In fact, they might be the death of the wonderful health care that Americans enjoy today.  Obama and the Democrats’ proposals are the worst health scare yet!

They’ll get less help, and like it

This might be one of the most jaw-dropping stories I’ve written about in a few months, so make sure you watch where you place your chin.

There’s a story of a mother who had a kid with an illegal immigrant.  No, that’s not the shocker.  So this child takes the name of Gonzales or Hernandez, or some name that to the blind eye would indicate Mexican.  When this kid became of age to enroll in school the mother was encouraged to have the child enrolled in ELL, or English Language Learners.  This child looks white and speaks English as a first and only language but encouraged to be in ELL because of the name.

First off, it’s racist to think because of the name of the child defines him as a certain race or ethnicity.  Secondly, these programs possibly hold back those who already have a strong grasp of the English language and don’t prepare you correctly for the future.  Then the school informed the mother that the child would be better off in the ELL classes and be taught better, implying that the regular curriculum is not as good and you will only get good results through ELL.

Just another example of holding back the needs of the majority of students, ~99%, and pandering to the ~1%.

Mr. Knowldge

Send in the Clowns

In a never-ending circus of attempts to promote governmental control over every aspect of our lives, ironically,  Democrats are reneging on what might have been the only bi-partisan bill to come out of Congress this year — the jobs bill.

I have no complaint with them deciding against such a bill because I believe that, if they truly want more jobs, all they have to do is cut governmental regulation and taxes.  The natural talents and creativeness of Americans will do the rest.  Anyone who has ever used or bought a Popeil product, like the Buttoneer, knows that inventors will invent something to fill every single need, even a need that you might not know about!  Jobs flow from creativity;  but, creativity is stifled by heavy-handed rules and regulations from government.  Anyone who has attempted to open a small business and faced the permits, fees, and  tax structure for small business can see the challenge.

However, if Congress is working on a jobs bill.  Let it be a jobs bill and not a “who gets what” bill.  Already I see that the black caucus is promoting a jobs program that discriminates against non-blacks… that is, a jobs bill that gives something to someone merely because they are BLACK.  That discriminatory aspect is common to legislation, but should be stopped.  Employers should hire the best person for the job, even if that person doesn’t fit some governmental formula for ethnicity!

But, Congress has never been known to use common sense.  They buy future votes with our tax dollars, then bemoan the Federal deficit, as though the deficit popped out of the hat of a circus magician.  It’s obvious that the days of promising away our tax dollars has come and gone and there are no more rabbits for Congress  to pull out of a hat to save our financial health.

So, what’s to follow the three ring circus, known as Congress?  We know taxes will go up.  We know unemployment will go up.  We know our future financial well-being will go down.

Everyone knows our economy is dying, thanks to Congress’ lack of judgment and their continued zeal for spending our tax dollars.  What we need in Congress are people who know what REAL work involves….like your circus performers or your plumbers or your police or fire department.  What we need are REAL people who do REAL jobs.

What we need are good, hard-working legislators, not the buffoons we have now.  Congress doesn’t seem to know how to fix our economy, nor unemployment nor our national security, so their act is a failure.  Maybe the only solution now is to follow the circus. When an act goes bad in the circus, they send in the clowns to cover the mistakes.  So “send in the clowns….no, wait….they’re here”!

Reading Tea Leaves….

Although tea is considered a healthy, beneficial beverage, tea baggers-Americans who are frightened by the arrogance of Congress and are only trying to be heard,  are considered poisonous fear-mongerers by Democrats.

Democrats, of course, have the right to their opinion, but I wonder if insulting every-day Americans who just want Congress to listen to THEM is helpful to anyone.  Americans, by a significant majority, have rejected the plan for a governmental take over of health care that Democrats, under the leadership of President Obama, are still pushing.  Of course, if the government runs health care, then Congress and the President gain even more power to reward their “own”  with taxpayer dollars, so they’re pushing hard.  They piously claim to be doing what’s best for the American public.  But, are they?

If this is such a good plan, why are Americans against it?  If this is such a good plan,  why is no one in Congress or the President himself clamoring to be included in the newly “insured” group?  If this is such a good plan, why has it not been presented to the American public for THEIR opinion?

The proposed health care legislation would be another governmental fiasco.  NO ONE with any influence wants to be part of the plan!   In actuality,  everyone who could exempted themselves as fast as they could from this “wonderful”  plan.  Unions made a special trip to the White House to get their exemption.  Senators Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson cried about the hardship to their states and received exemptions. And, with every exemption, the burden for paying for this hideous monster rested on fewer and fewer people.  This was NOT a good plan nor was it carefully thought out.  It was a political ploy to make the president and congress APPEAR to be concerned with Americans’ welfare.

Unfortunately, the health care legislation has been little more than congressional scavengers carving out benefits for themselves or their constituency.  This is not Democracy in action.

Demonizing tea baggers in favor of President Obama’s and the Democrats’ version of “what’s best for us” is NOT Democracy in action.

Tea-baggers, who are exercising their freedom of speech, and attempting to get Congress to act in the best interests of the American taxpayer ARE Democracy in action.

So, if Congress is smart, and BEFORE they propose legislation, they should study the issues and actually ASK the American taxpayers what is best for America.

Otherwise, Congress will find themselves in hot water.  And, then, they WON’T be able to read the tea leaves!


Change?  Nope.  It’s the same old, same old, routine for President Obama and his surrogates.

Bad economy?  Blame Bush.

Health Care Legislation in shambles?  Blame Bush.

Iran not “behaving” ?  Blame Bush.

DEMOCRAT LOSES IN MASSACHUSETTS?  Blame Bush!  (No kidding.  Howard Dean did that on Chris Matthews’ show!)

Even after the huge loss by Democrats in Massachusetts, Obama doesn’t understand that HE is now in charge and that HIS huge spending programs are exasperating American voters and deepening the pain for many of us.  Maybe some Americans wanted change;  but, I bet they didn’t want: over 10% unemployment;the financial system mired in regulatory morass and a poor economy; Iran ready to fire missiles at us and our allies;  terrorists in our skies and military bases; and China and Russia forming an alliance to shut us out of the world economy and world decisions!

If this is the CHANGE that Obama and his followers wanted, I wish they would keep it to themselves.

The rest of us want to see full employment, a secure homeland, and an economic environment that doesn’t punish any one sector of our economy, like banks,  for the mistakes of politicians and other segments of the economy.

Government should not bail out business using the mantra that it is  “TOO BIG TO FAIL”.   That philosophy has just led to political greed and corruption on a more massive scale.    No one and no business is too big to fail………….unless you’re describing President Obama’s first year in office!