Another health scare!

OMG!  I almost had a heart attack when I heard President Obama state that he was going to shrug off his partisan ways and actually discuss health legislation with the Republicans!  This bi-partisanship would be a first in his year-long presidency.   What a wonderful scenario it would be if he and the Democrats stopped their posturing and pontificating and tried to work around what the American people want, not what politicians want!

Well, today, we know that Obama’s latest promise of working with ALL the congress, not just conspiring with Democrats, is about as true as the data used by those scientists who claimed global warming would destroy the Earth.

Today, Obama proposed what HE sees as a plan for health care.  He didn’t bother to ask Americans exactly what they wanted.  He didn’t bother to check with anyone but his own bully partisans, i.e., Reid, Pelosi, Schurmer, and the other “ilks”.  He didn’t bother to determine what proposals are needed and how to implement them.

Nope.  He just had someone write down a bunch of proposals…oh, by the way, they are Democrat proposals!   That is typical of many “small” legislative proposals— written in the back room by some assistant and voted in by legislators who take neither the time to read it nor the time to study it.  It is typical to make the legislation so verbose that no one can understand it nor the nuances.  It is typical to hide gifts for your advocates within the legislation.

What is not typical is the complete lack of bi-partisanship on a bill of this monumental importance. It is NOT typical to TELL the American public that they MUST BUY HEALTH INSURANCE or face fines. It is NOT typical to continue spending taxpayer money to convince Americans that they are pretty stupid and don’t know what is best for them. It is NOT typical to claim transparency because the bill will be online, if it truly is this time, for 72 hours!

Those with any common sense know that 72 hours is not enough time to scrutinize a bill — Democrats are counting on this.  Everyone knows this is a political ploy by Democrats — Democrats are hoping we will forget before election day.  Everyone in America, except the Democrats, is saying “NO!”  In poll after poll, Americans resoundingly say they DO NOT WANT THIS HEALTH LEGISLATION TO PASS!  So, why do Obama and his league of miscreants totter on?

Well, we all know why.  It is a canard to say that Democrats are trying to improve health care. It is true that they are trying to foist a health system on all Americans that only a few will pay for and that will ration health care and that will scare away doctors.  Their pet dogs, like the unions and a few chosen few of the states, MIGHT benefit FINANCIALLY because someone ELSE IS PAYING THE BILL.

Oh, President Obama’s proposals for health legislation are indeed scary.  In fact, they might be the death of the wonderful health care that Americans enjoy today.  Obama and the Democrats’ proposals are the worst health scare yet!

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