They’ll get less help, and like it

This might be one of the most jaw-dropping stories I’ve written about in a few months, so make sure you watch where you place your chin.

There’s a story of a mother who had a kid with an illegal immigrant.  No, that’s not the shocker.  So this child takes the name of Gonzales or Hernandez, or some name that to the blind eye would indicate Mexican.  When this kid became of age to enroll in school the mother was encouraged to have the child enrolled in ELL, or English Language Learners.  This child looks white and speaks English as a first and only language but encouraged to be in ELL because of the name.

First off, it’s racist to think because of the name of the child defines him as a certain race or ethnicity.  Secondly, these programs possibly hold back those who already have a strong grasp of the English language and don’t prepare you correctly for the future.  Then the school informed the mother that the child would be better off in the ELL classes and be taught better, implying that the regular curriculum is not as good and you will only get good results through ELL.

Just another example of holding back the needs of the majority of students, ~99%, and pandering to the ~1%.

Mr. Knowldge

1 thought on “They’ll get less help, and like it

  1. matilda

    That reminds me of the California initiative in a Berkeley high school, I believe, that is planning to cut science labs by 20% and redistribute those funds to minorities, including illegal aliens, and other “poor”, underachieving students.

    Schools should nourish bright students because they will be the leaders and innovators of our future.

    Of course, that isn’t politically correct, so let’s cut off the legs of the tall man to make the short man “taller”.


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