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Hillary — playing games with words

So, President Obama has infamously said that if you are successful, don’t be proud because “you didn’t build that!”.

He believes you can’t take credit  for your own success, even if you worked your fingers to the bone and your family sacrificed along with you.

Now, we have another Democrat — who also wants to be President of the United States — saying something just as stupid.  Hillary, in her best pandering mode,  wanted to please her crowd.  Unfortunately for her, her quote is just as stupid as Obama’s,AND,  shows how little she understands how our economy actually works.   Here is Hillary’s  “gem”.

Don’t Let Anybody Tell You’ That ‘Businesses Create Jobs’.

That is the most outlandish, stupid, and FALSE comment any politician could possibly make!  If corporations (that’s businesses, Hillary) don’t create jobs, who does she think does?

Of course,  she has never run a business in the private sector.  Nor, has she ever written the checks for a payroll.  She has never, personally,  dealt with employee concerns.

In short, before she ,makes such ludicrous pronouncements, maybe she should run a business and see if SHE can create a job in the private sector.

I think she will find creating jobs is a tough proposition.  Businesses should be thanked for the jobs they create which, in turn, generates a vibrant economy.   She is completely ignorant of how our economy works.

However, Hillary, like Obama, has never had to explain her inadequacies.  The media  gives both of them a pass.  The truth is that, as the Secretary of State, Hillary failed to secure our embassy and Ambassador Stevens was murdered.  And,now, when Hillary is playing games with words, even abut something of which she has NO KNOWLEDGE, it’s time to illustrate how incompetent she is.

Don’t let Anybody tell you that Hillary knows what she is talking about!

GOP, Democrats, Obama AND Ebola

This is a very disappointing day!

Just when the Lieberals had almost convinced me to blame BUSH for all the ills of America, heck, for everything that has gone wrong in the world, including the Ebola outbreak……..I discover  that the real culprits are the Republicans!

Ad Blames GOP Budget Cuts For Ebola Outbreak

Thank you Lieberals for clearing that up for me!

Thank you Lieberals for being so absurd that even your fellow Democrats will disown you and your ridiculous ad.

Thank you Lieberals for demonstrating the differences between your arrogant, and false,  assertions and the factual approach of Conservatives to our country’s problems.

Now, since the Lieberals want to play games with the facts, let’s play that child’s  game of “which of these things is NOT like the others?”

So, which of these things is NOT like the others?  GOP, Democrats, Obama AND Ebola.

The answer?  This time, as in previous elections,  the right answer is once again, the Grand Old Party — the GOP.




Biden — the Baffled, and Baffling, Buffoon………….

Never let it be said that Joe Biden, our goofy Vice President, ever had an original thought nor was able to clearly and coherently voice an opinion.  His gaffes are legion.  His gaffes are legendary.  His gaffes are the window to his self-serving philosophy.  Nor let anyone believe that Biden is unwilling to voice his thoughts and cliches ad nauseum and in public forums.  He never learned the rule of threes that every stand up comedienne understands.  That rule states that you never return to the same subject for a joke more than three times.

Unfortunately, Biden is willing to use the same, tired attack lines that Democrats roll out any time they believe they are losing in the public arena. And, use them he does…..over and over…..maybe 3 x 3 x 3 x 3……or, more.   He has them all lined up in his mind and they just trip over his tongue and out his mouth, without rhyme nor reason.

The latest from Joe Biden is that the “rich do not pay their fair share of taxes”:

He doesn’t throw in any facts.  He just uses that “witticism” to drum up class warfare issues in the hopes that the “poor” and “downtrodden” will rally and vote in yet another boring Democrat.     Anyone who understands economics realizes that the rich not only pay more than their fair share of taxes;  but, the rich are also the major source of charitable donations.   So, here’s the fact, Jack!

CBO: The wealthy pay 70 percent of taxes

– The Washington Times – Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wealthy Americans earn about 50 percent of all income but pay nearly 70 percent of the federal tax burden, according to the latest analysis Tuesday by the Congressional Budget Office


Other divisive arguments by Democrats and Joe Biden include other, patently false “facts”.    Among them are Joe Biden’s (and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’)  claim that Republicans are waging a war against women.  In fact, the Obama administration has a war against women, employing fewer women in top jobs and,  OMG, paying them less than their male counterparts!  Democrats accuse Conservatives, especially  White Conservatives, of being Racists.  It’s interesting that Democrats are so willing to lump groups of people together, as if they were all from the same lump of clay.  Conservatives try to see people as individuals.  And, beware if you are a Black Conservative, for then you are an Uncle Tom, a turn-coat, and unworthy of the Black community’s support.  Forget that the Lieberal agenda has forged a ghetto in Black communities that creates people dependent upon the Government.  Even Bob Beckel agrees that the Lieberal agenda has not served Blacks well.  If you study the comments by Democrats, you will see that they are much more likely to assume Blacks and Hispanics want to be dependents of the Government.  Conservatives want everyone, no matter their ethnicity, to be independent and proud Americans.

So, Joe Biden.  Maybe you should stick with discussing small issues, like that ice cream you claim to enjoy.

Biden: ‘I’m An Ice Cream Guy’  (same site as above).

Leave the heavy thinking to others who are willing to discuss public policy in an informative way that includes ALL ethnic groups and ALL economic groups.  If you truly care about people and their futures, you will include them in the discussion and not lump them together as the “poor”, the “Black community”, or the “Hispanic Community”.

Let’s return to the concept  that we are ALL AMERICANS.  Let’s leave the political diatribes and histrionics behind us so we can actually work toward making life better for ALL Americans.  In fact, let’s make Biden — the Baffled, and Baffling, Buffoon  — address the issues facing us in a mature, realistic nature.  Or, if he can’t act like an adult and give reasoned statements, maybe he should just stick with another ice cream cone!