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Lies, lies, and more lies..

It always astounds me that Democrats can lie so convincingly about the Ryan budget plan.  Whether you agree with all its tenets, there is nothing in the plan that would send Grandma over the cliff, as a recent Democrat ad details, nor will Seniors of today suffer any consequences from this plan.  Yet, Democrats continue to lie about the proposal and the media continues to play along.

What will it take for those who purport to be journalists to actually report the FACTS and NOT the lies from Democrats who are using the fear factor for political gain?

Well, until journalism becomes the Profession that it used to be, or until voters study the actual budget, you can expect more of the same from the Democrats and President Obama and his minions because it serves their nefarious purpose.  To our detriment, this is what to expect:

Lies, lies, and more lies………


White is white, black is black?

At least, that’s what this authoress seems to be saying!  She winced when she discovered that a guy who was african american was married to a caucasian woman.

Why?  What’s  wrong with black and white, rather than white and white or black and black?  Everyone knows that our country has always been a  melting pot and you have to expect that eventually, we will have gray areas…i.e., marriages of different ethnic groups.  But, so what?

It seems as though minorities always want to whine about all the bad things that happened to their ancestors, as if they were the only ones who have suffered.  Then, they use that ancient pain to identify themselves and insist that they deserve special benefits when, in actuality,  they wouldn’t recognize those same ancestors if they passed them on the street! Besides,  how does something that happened 100 years ago really impact you?  In most cases, these past problems are just an excuse to justify some financial or social demand.

So, I saythis is another example of a person gaming the system.  It is too bad that this lady felt a sting when she heard of an interracial marriage, but that should be HER problem, not ours.  I say that such marriages are a good example of America’s acceptance of all ethnic groups and it is making our country stronger.  We don’t want people to only marry people like themselves.  We want people to meet, and fall in love with those who are their soul mates…whether that mate is the same color, age, or any other criteria.

After all, almost everything in life is better with  a touch of this and a dab of that.  Marriages are the same.  And, so is our country.

Heigh ho, the witch is dead…..

Well,  the warlock, Osama bin Ladin,  is dead.  But,his death is not the end of the terrorists’ war.  There are going to be many repercussions before Americans are truly safe.  And,as always happens, one of those non-lethal  repercussions will be a vigorous attempt to claim credit for the success of the mission.

Some already are crediting President Obama for the courage to sign off on the mission.  And, while it might have been difficult for him because he would have suffered political losses if the mission had failed, it was NOT courage on his part.

The people who were truly courageous are those who risked their lives to bring Osama bin Ladin to justice.  Those heroes are all who supported the mission,  but especially the Navy seals.  They are the ones who trained, penetrated the compound, and put themselves in harm’s way.  And, since we will never know who these heroes are, they did it all for love of God and America.

For all of us who are safer now because of them, thank you.