Monthly Archives: April 2016

Do Rules matter?

Do rules matter any more?  Even little, school  children understand and obey rules.  There are rules for standing in line……rules about potty breaks……rules on when to speak and when to be silent.  If only we adults were so obedient!

The likelihood of questioning a rule is especially prevalent in the political world.  Many of us who originally supported Donald Trump have lost our faith in his candidacy.  There are several reasons for that, but the most recent are his tirades against how delegates are selected….i.e., against the rules.  Regardless of whether he likes the way delegates are selected or not, the rules were in place when he entered the Presidential race.  To foment more anger by saying that the delegate selection process is “unfair” and that those who support him are being disenfranchised is a dishonest appraisal of what is happening in Republican parties across the country.  The selection process is absolutely being followed.  And, despite what Mr. Trump trumpets in public —  and tweets  —  the crux of his argument against the delegate selection process is that Mr. Cruz and his supporters understand how the process works better than Mr. Trump’s team does.

Unfortunately, the divisions that Mr. Trump is creating with his remarks will ultimately hurt whoever is the Republican candidate.

Of course, a similar process is happening in the Democrats’ selection of a candidate.  Although Bernie Sanders is winning many states, he is losing almost all of the Super Delegates to Hillary.   Why aren’t the rules of the Democrats an issue?  The difference is that Democrats are in lock step with Hillary and the rules benefit her.  So, only Bernie’s supporters are complaining and the party is comfortable ignoring them.  The media is, too.

So, do rules matter?

Well, if we expect little children to mind the rules, we should definitely expect adults to follow the rules.  Whether it be a game of Scrabble or a political contest, the rules are mutually agreed upon before the game, or nomination process, begins.

Mr. Trump should spend more time coalescing his supporters and less time tearing down the Republican selection process.  His constant assault of the system will only help the Democrats in the fall and lead to a criminal,  Hillary, entering the White House next January.