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The Russian bear

The Russian bear is growling and no one is doing anything about it.  That is not going to be good for any free society!  Let’s face it, Russia considers itself  the counterpoint  to America’s prominent position in the world.  Putin fears the loss of Russian influence throughout the world and has begun a campaign to counter any and all American influences throughout those same regions of the world.  He has brought warships to Venezuela as a direct provocation and we did nothing.  He insists he will give Iran nuclear weapons, and the world shakes it head!  He criticizes ALL our efforts at bringing Peace to the world, and the Democrats nod in agreement!

As Vince Lombardi, the greatest coach in NFL history, once said,  “What in the hell is going on out there?” 

While our soldiers fight and die to create an independent Iraq, Russia delivers nuclear weapons to Iran.  While we give millions to stave off AIDS in Africa, they provide  nuclear technology to Venezuela, a nation run by a mad man.  While we encourage freedom of religion and speech, Russia’s Putin creates new controls on his country’s people.

It is time to put the Russian bear back where he belongs — in a cage…in Russia!  Otherwise, the consequences could be disastrous for the entire world.  Russia is proving that the best defense is a good offense and we have to start using some of our offense against Russian threats, even if we become offensive to the rest of the world.  After all, appeasement is a poor man’s gambit.  In power lies strength, safety and freedom!

It is time to remember how the strength exhibited by President  Reagan kept the Russian bear at bay.  President Reagan knew that Russia was trying to dominate the free world and he decided to come out strongly against such actions.  He had it right with his “some say there’s a bear in the woods” ad.  Unfortunately, that ad could run again today, but I wonder if anyone is listening now?   After all, everyone knows that the bear has escaped its cage and is clawing at the rest of the world.  The question is whether there is a zoo keeper strong enough to put the Russian bear back IN its cage.


Change was the mantra for the Democrats throughout this last election cycle.  Change you can believe in…..yada yada.

However, has anyone noticed that nothing ever seems to change?  In Wisconsin, legislators are receiving raises even though the economic situation for many is worse.  Our Federal legislators are also receiving a raise!!  How can it be that people who represent us are earning more while we are earning less and paying more taxes?

Well, some legislators claim that they are not allowed to change the salary during their term, and thus are obligated to accept the raise.  Ha ha.   At the blink of an eye,  Congress  voted in $700 billion for failing companies, so they certainly could pass a law rescinding any pay raises.

Of course, they don’t want to.  It is far easier to pretend that they are locked into the new pay rates and helpless to change.  That’s the way the system works, they will tell you.  

Change?  Forget seeing changes in Washington.  The only change you’ll notice  is  the stuff that jingles in your pocket–and even that might disappear!

But… But… But

Read This!

Kosovo names street after US President Bush.

But, but… I thought the world hated him? Guess not, it’s just un-Americans who do. What do you have to say about this LIEberals? See, Kosovo knows who butters their bread, and by butter I mean help liberate them from facism.

For the few things I disagreed with Bush over, it’s going to be very sad to see him leave office. Now we get to have an unqualified President for 4 years. Here’s to remembering him, and hoping for a strong 2012.

Mr. Knowledge

Hurricanes, pestilence, boils, lesions…….

What do all these have in common? 

Well, if you agree with the Lieberal media, you believe that President Bush is to blame for all of them.    Yes, that is how ridiculous the media’s preoccupation with destroying President Bush has become.  Any disaster, no matter the genesis, automatically is laid at the current administration’s door.

Let’s just see how far this madness goes! 

The New Orleans hurricane and its subsequently poor  response were all attributed to Bush, despite his immediate eagerness to provide Federal help which the governor and mayor of those areas initially refused!!   The problems in Africa with genocide and AIDS still are blamed on Bush even though he has provided more American funds to fight AIDS than any of his predecessors.  This week, in an amazing leap of chutpah, the NYTimes reports that Bush’s policies were the genesis of the housing crisis despite Bush’s attempts to rein in the poorly regulated Fannie and Freddie.  

It is very human to want to find a scapegoat for problems rather than to lay the blame where it belongs.  What I find truly amazing, though, is the immediate and zealous condemnation by  almost all the media to blame President Bush.  It would be better if they looked to the Democrats whose governor and mayor refused Federal help when the hurricane struck.  Or, maybe blame the Democrats who ignore the AIDS crisis in Africa while demanding money for all kinds of pork barrel spending.  And, yes, it was Democrats like Dowd, and his ilk, who prevented any kind of increased scrutiny on Fannie and Freddie when it became obvious that these institutions were funding insupportable home loans.   

We will always have natural and man-made disasters…many man-made fiascos  if we continue to ignore the excesses of our legislators.  There will be a price to pay and I sincerely hope that those who truly created many of these problems will pay the price.  In fact, my holiday wish for those people who use their elected positions to further their own financial status is this:  a pox on your house.  And may your greed be rewarded with  hurricanes, pestilence, boils and lesions!

The scales of Justice are “Hanging in the Balance”

Our country, everyone agrees, was founded on a set of laws to allow equal justice for every citizen.  However, in today’s world, it fails more often than not  because the people who were elected or hired to work in the judicial system bring their own biases to court EVERY day.  And, evidence is burnished until it supports the lawyer’s needs. 

We are witnessing the injudicious,  judicial system every day in the senate race in Minnesota.  In Senator Coleman’s case, his opponent is using every political power –asking the United States Senate for help — and even every court –can these previously excluded ballots be counted? — to find enough votes to win this Senate seat.  Because the Democrats are currently in power,  we have seen the original vote count for Senator Coleman drop and every day, it seems, new “votes” are added to the Democrat’s tally.    It isn’t fair, but this is just one more instance of how our judicial system favors the “in” crowd rather than adhering to the lofty standards set so many years back.

Unfortunately, it has become commonplace for judges to rule on cases where either they or a relative have a vested interest in the outcome.  We have seen this happen and can attest to the pain involved for the litigant who is on the “wrong” side of the fence.  The unfairness of our court system has completely changed my outlook on capital punishment.  I used to favor death  for convicted, violent criminals……but, no more.  Having seen the justice system and how it operates, I no longer believe that most trials are  “fair” .  There are too many lawyers who bend issues into the “facts” as they want them to be.  There are too many judges who accept what court-appointed personnel say, rather than checking out whether the court personnel’s opinions are based on verifiable facts.  And, there are too many opportunities for sneaky lawyers to morph evidence  into completely erroneous “facts”.

For a judicial system such as ours to be viable, it demands that the participants be honest men and women who strive for a fair verdict.  In the Minnesota senate race, it appears that the Democrats have adopted an attitude not of fairness, but of win at all costs.  Unfortunately, their zeal for victory, regardless of the consequences, threatens all of us because we need justice to be blind.  It appears that the scales of Justice are “hanging in the balance” thanks to blind ambition and unchecked favoritism.  Today in Minnesota, and tomorrow in your town,  it appears that the scales of justice swing to and fro, depending on who is in power!

The Fox in the Henhouse

Although most legislators bewail the plight of the “poor” who have lost jobs or had to take pay cuts, they apparently can’t see the contradiction between their pious words and giving themselves a pay raise!    Oh, sure, it is only another couple of million dollars that will HAVE TO COME FROM TAXES, but “so what?”  is their attitude.  Why are we not surprised?  And, where are our representatives who were elected  to work for the common good, not their own financial advancement?

Based on the low approval rating for Congress, I think that most of us realize that those who supposedly represent us are actually using their offices for their own personal gain or re-election.  And,  by giving themselves a pay raise so soon after an election, they are quite sure that their greed will be forgotten by the next election.  They are probably right.   

It is a sad commentary on our legislators when we, the American public, are little safer than chickens in a henhouse, clucking loudly as the fox approaches.  We have little protection from their predations and little hope for the future.  Maybe it is time to bring out the hounds from hell to drive those foxes away!

With economy in shambles, Congress gets a raise
Posted: 12/17/08 05:41 PM [ET]
A crumbling economy, more than 2 million constituents who have lost their jobs this year, and congressional demands of CEOs to work for free did not convince lawmakers to freeze their own pay.

Instead, they will get a $4,700 pay increase, amounting to an additional $2.5 million that taxpayers will spend on congressional salaries, and watchdog groups are not happy about it.


Political hypocricy

While in New York this week, we discovered that there is a contingent of Americans who absolutely, unequivocally, HATE  President Bush.  While they have a right to their opinion, we found their “reasons” unfathomable.

For example, as conservatives, we approve of much of what Bush has done….not all, but most of his actions have made very good sense at the time.  After 9-11, people  clamored for more security — no matter the cost.  Now, they complain that the government has usurped our constitutional rights.  When Saddam Hussein was captured, the whole world loved us.  Now, many complain that we shouldn’t have saved thousands of men, women and children from his diabolical rule.  It isn’t fair to use hindsight to critique past actions.  But, Lieberals pretend to be all-knowing because they look back and say,  “We wouldn’t have done that” despite their acquiescence at the time.

The latest example of their omniscience was a New Yorker who saw the Iraqi throw a shoe at President Bush and used that insult to the office of the American Presidency to launch into revisiting another of her many complaints against conservatives.   Instead of castigating former President Clinton for sexual harassment of an employee, she loudly proclaimed that Clinton was impeached for no more than “wanting a *&^%  job!”   As a guest in her home, we said nothing.  However, the irony is that if anyone else had even laid a hand on Monica Lewinsky, they would have been fired, and handed over to the courts!

This hateful climate, promoted by Democrats who want to excoriate conservatives for illegal activities by a Democratic President, is undoubtedly part and parcel of the reason that the rest of the world feels free to insult Americans.  When the media and Lieberals loudly complain about American activities, the Russians move nuclear weapons into Venezuela.  When we concede that our citizens can be tried by foreign courts, more trumped up charges will appear. When we refuse to treat prisoners of war as enemy combatants, we lose another facet of our security system.  Every domestic insult results in injurty to us all.

But, LIEberals don’t care.  Yes, they were among those running scared when the planes hit the World Trade Centers.  Now, they crow about their  resourcefulness, but forget that it was President Bush who immediately pledged aid for their recovery!   Their cause celebre seems to be to obtain a pardon for the illegal and insulting behavior of “their” president, Bill Clinton.  Although his  own sexual predilections and illegal harassment of an employee while in office  were the reason for impeachment,  they want retribution for his impeachment.  What hypocrites.  

No wonder Kerry was their standard bearer.  He, too, could turn on a dime……..”well, I was for it before I was against it!”  The Lieberals are the most vengeful, political group in America.  And, they are its worst hypocrites.

A shoe up your ass.

So everyone heard about the story of the Iraqi journalist throwing shoes at President Bush. If not, Read This!

I’m not going to sit here and talk about the lunatic who threw the shoe with a brain that’s atrophied from lack of learning or education. No, this is more about what this one event means to me, and should mean to you. It shows that other countries not only do not respect Bush anymore, they don’t respect Americans. We are without a doubt the most powerful nation in the world. I mean, it’s not even close, but, those on the left have tried to tear us down throughout the past 8 years. It’s a little too obvious that LIEberals would rather win office and seats in the legislature, than win a war on terror.

I mean, a win against terrorism and tyranny around the world is what haunts LIEberals in their dreams (how LIEberals sleep with all that guilt is something science should study). You can’t sanction a group of people who are willing to kill themselves just to kill some of us, but LIEberals would make you believe that.

Whether the intentions were right or wrong, you cannot deny that Iraqi’s now have more freedoms than before. But, with the constant media pressure to the contrary, people around the world believe that a coward named Saddam treated his people better than the American military. I smell bullshit. This brings me back to my point. Others don’t respect Americans, because LIEberals do not respect Americans. What if we showed the same respect, or lack there of to a member of another country? Holy-hell would there be an uproar.

– Mr. Knowledge


The debacle now facing Illinois due to their governor’s arrest reveals the conflict between the demands of our  political system and our rule of law.  Everyone knows the basic tenet of our judicial system  that we are  “Innocent until proven guilty.”   However, now it appears that being charged has become tantamount to being guilty.   What happened to the governor’s right to his day in court?  After all, undermining the rights of anyone, even a governor, reduces Constitutional protections that all of us would need if  charges were made against any one of us! 

No one is arguing the illegality nor the immorality in  attempting to sell a senate seat.  But, did he actually do that?  We won’t know until the verdict is read.   And, even then, sometimes justice goes awry because the judge can make bad rulings on evidence or the jury can be blinded by tangential issues. 

However, we have to at least try to let the system work.  And, throwing someone out of office, based on an arrest warrant, is not the way our system is supposed to work.  So, is the governor guilty — without a trial — or is he innocent until PROVEN guilty?

Go figure!

My father used to receive over $600/month for Social Security.  Then, the net payment was lowered to $579.00.

However, for next year, he is getting a 5.8% increase due to the rise in the cost of living.  Unfortunately, the Medicare premium he pays will increase and he also must pay $211.90 for the income-related monthly adjustment amount, based on his 2007 income tax return.

His new social security NET income?  $556.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go figure!