Political hypocricy

While in New York this week, we discovered that there is a contingent of Americans who absolutely, unequivocally, HATE  President Bush.  While they have a right to their opinion, we found their “reasons” unfathomable.

For example, as conservatives, we approve of much of what Bush has done….not all, but most of his actions have made very good sense at the time.  After 9-11, people  clamored for more security — no matter the cost.  Now, they complain that the government has usurped our constitutional rights.  When Saddam Hussein was captured, the whole world loved us.  Now, many complain that we shouldn’t have saved thousands of men, women and children from his diabolical rule.  It isn’t fair to use hindsight to critique past actions.  But, Lieberals pretend to be all-knowing because they look back and say,  “We wouldn’t have done that” despite their acquiescence at the time.

The latest example of their omniscience was a New Yorker who saw the Iraqi throw a shoe at President Bush and used that insult to the office of the American Presidency to launch into revisiting another of her many complaints against conservatives.   Instead of castigating former President Clinton for sexual harassment of an employee, she loudly proclaimed that Clinton was impeached for no more than “wanting a *&^%  job!”   As a guest in her home, we said nothing.  However, the irony is that if anyone else had even laid a hand on Monica Lewinsky, they would have been fired, and handed over to the courts!

This hateful climate, promoted by Democrats who want to excoriate conservatives for illegal activities by a Democratic President, is undoubtedly part and parcel of the reason that the rest of the world feels free to insult Americans.  When the media and Lieberals loudly complain about American activities, the Russians move nuclear weapons into Venezuela.  When we concede that our citizens can be tried by foreign courts, more trumped up charges will appear. When we refuse to treat prisoners of war as enemy combatants, we lose another facet of our security system.  Every domestic insult results in injurty to us all.

But, LIEberals don’t care.  Yes, they were among those running scared when the planes hit the World Trade Centers.  Now, they crow about their  resourcefulness, but forget that it was President Bush who immediately pledged aid for their recovery!   Their cause celebre seems to be to obtain a pardon for the illegal and insulting behavior of “their” president, Bill Clinton.  Although his  own sexual predilections and illegal harassment of an employee while in office  were the reason for impeachment,  they want retribution for his impeachment.  What hypocrites.  

No wonder Kerry was their standard bearer.  He, too, could turn on a dime……..”well, I was for it before I was against it!”  The Lieberals are the most vengeful, political group in America.  And, they are its worst hypocrites.

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