Monthly Archives: August 2019

So, what else is new?

Just a little less than two months ago, I chastised Democrats for their never-ending name calling of President Trump, his supporters, Republican, and, anything Conservative. That was June 9th, 2019.

Now, in the aftermath of two more, unprovoked and heart-wrenching shooting sprees, the Democrats are going all out in blaming President Trump. It reminds me of that Biblical passage about looking for the mote in your own eye before calling out someone else. But, for them, it is always easier to look for someone else to blame rather than the effect of what they have said or done.

If the Democrats were at all concerned about the country and not their own political career, they would be consoling the survivors, not taking trying to gain an advantage from the deaths of the innocents. If the Democrats truly wanted to heal the divisions in this country, they would be asking their constituents, their legislative partners, and, primarily, their own heart about how to stop these tragedies. But, no. For them, accusing another is part of their stock and trade, politically speaking, of course.

Too bad they don’t take a lesson from the young man who asked people to honor El Paso’s victim by doing 22 acts of kindness.

But, that would be asking Democrats to completely overhaul their modus operandi. They would have to forget what is politically expedient and to consider that their own name calling and hateful accusations are creating more hate and more potential heart break for America.

And, that is like asking a leopard to change his spots. Democrats are just not going to stop trying to tear down President Trump with their own despicable words. I guess I hoped they would be better than this. But, ignoring their own failings and using derogatory names against political opponents is so ingrained in their psyche that this terrible habit will continue to be their “issue” of the day. It’s been this way for many years and will continue to be so.

So, what else is new?