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Foul Ball

The Drudge is reporting that the FBI is opening an investigation into whether Clemens lied to Congress. How ridiculous. How does pursuing this help the American public? It doesn’t. So, why do it? Congress should consider the following:

1 – Grandstanding on this issue rather than attending to the myriad of other, vital U.S. interests that should be under Congress’ consideration is detrimental to American security.

2 – It sounds very much like a “he said vs. he said” deal where the truth will probably never be uncovered.

3 – Mr. Clemens should be considered innocent unless someone proves his guilt. Right now, Congress and even the FBI are acting as though Mr. Clemens needs to prove his innocence.

4 – The charge of lying is an extension of Congress grilling Mr. Clemens and has nothing to do with the original charge of using steroids! If a REAL court cannot prove that Mr. Clemens used steroids, then all charges and proceedings should be dropped. Congress should not have the authority to override the duties of the judicial branch of government.

5 – During the hearing, Mr. Clemens’ lawyers were not allowed to speak for him as is the case in a judicial setting. Why is Congress allowed to subvert the right to be defended by competent counsel? That is not the American justice system at work, but a bunch of phonies trying to set a famous person up for a fall…all to add to their own luster.

Congress doesn’t seem to understand the rule of fair play. To the Democrats in Congress, Mr. Clemens’ “case” is nothing more than a chance to grandstand with the hopes of hitting a home run. I think Congress should learn to play ball by the rules and I don’t mean political rules! Otherwise, the American public should rule that “they’re out” !!!!

What goes around…….

Senator Clinton claims that the media is harder on her than on Senator Obama who is the new media darling.

I agree with her. Her mistakes are magnified and his are minimized. And, it probably hurts to have former allies turn on you, but maybe, just maybe, this is the price she will pay for having enjoyed the same bias from the same press in the past.

Many ordinary citizens like me wondered if the Clintons would ever pay for their criminal behaviour of selling political favors and pardons while in the White House, sexual harassment of an employee in the White House, and trying to make off with silverware, etc., when they left office. President Clinton was always the Teflon president. No matter what he did, the Democratic party was right beside him, excusing, pardoning, and cheering him on. His bad judgment in foreign policies caused us to “lose” Osama bin Ladin and might have been the direct cause of 9/11. But, the media refused to mention that, or any other errors he made in office.

So, now, Obama is enjoying the blindness of that same media. He is a better person than Bill or Hillary ever were, but, still, his past has mistakes, too, which could be revealed. But, oh, no. He is the new Teflon man!

Well, Hillary, as the saying goes, it hurts to be you. You deserve to suffer from the same politically motivated media that used to revere you.

After all, what goes around, comes around!

Voting "Right"

Voting is one of the most important duties of an American citizen. And, this year, every vote matters even more because the candidates hold such vastly different positions on many issues. Generally, Senator McCain is either centrist or toward the right of most issues while Senators Clinton or Obama are “left” — behind in their opinions.

If you are proud to be an American, vote McCain.
If you are grateful to our troops, vote McCain.
If you want to support our troops, vote McCain.
If you believe we need a strong commander in chief, vote McCain.
If you believe a Presidency starts on day 1, vote McCain.
If you want a strong economy that doesn’t depend upon class warfare, vote McCain.
If you believe everyone should work together for our country’s welfare, vote McCain.
If you understand that someone who has suffered for America will understand the suffering of others, vote McCain.

If you don’t believe in the ideas above, vote for one of those other two candidates. They will:

Give away America’s vital decisions to others.
Depend upon world concensus for policy decisions.
Have to learn on the job about the military that defends us.
Promote the welfare of one class of Americans at the expense of another.

Vote “Right”. Vote McCain!

Political Politics

I just think it’s funny how LIEberals didn’t want another Bush in office before the 2000 election, yet are fully willing to want Billary to get into office. This is quite amazing if you ask me. A woman, if she is one, who has no real experiance with public office, and her only claim to fame is turning the other cheek when Bill cheated on her numerous times. How can you trust someone like that? I can’t.

Now, I never was a McCainer support from the beginning. And, yes, I would take many of the other candidates, such as Tancredo or Romney, but McCain is still better than the alternative. Watching Ann Coulter the other night say she would vote Billary over McCain made me laugh. If she was serious, then she’s lost it. If she was joking, then thank God.

McCain should win alot of the moderate voters through most of the states. That leaves the LIEberal voters who will vote for the Democratic candidate, and the Conservative voters voting for the Republican candidate. There is no way a Conservative should NOT vote for McCain in this election. McCain may not embody what I believe or alot of Conservatives, but he sure embodies more than Billary or Obama.

Speaking of Obama, did you see he claims he was opposed to the war in ’02 when it was up for vote? Well I’m so glad he did. But, wait, looking over his time in the Sennate, he wasn’t even elected until 2004. So, how was he against the war when it was up for vote when he wasn’t even in office?

Mr. Knowledge

Global Warming

I want to take a step back from all the statistics and graphs and anything else that deals with global warming and take a logical approach. First off, the past few winters have been a bit milder, but this isn’t the first time this has happened. I’ve heard stories of people wearing shorts at Christmas time. So this isn’t the first time this has happened. Then, look at this year. Probably one of the coldest I can personally remember, and it’s been consistantly cold. I think we haven’t broken 30 degrees more than a couple of times.

Then the snow. Oh the snow. We have been dumped on, in fact I believe Madison has now reached a new record for snow-fall. Now, I believe this is a bad argument, because the temperature has fluctuated other winters, and we’ve had pretty consistant snow, but the reason I bring it up, is the past few years, all you hear from the global warming hysteria is that the low snow fall is just more proof of global warming. So, does this high snow fall now account for global cooling?

I forget where I heard it, but one of the things I like to say is, People are arrogant to think they have caused global warming. We are a small fraction of the earth’s eco-system, and to think we can adjust the temperatures is assanine.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Conserving energy is great. I have no problem with people recycling or biking to work instead of driving. But, when these so called experts try to force their ideas upon you and make you drive less, that’s bullying and not the right way to go about enviromentalism.

Come Al Gore, come George Clooney, get up here in Wisconsin and see how you like to drive your little electric car. Oh, sorry, Al Gore has an SUV so he’d be ok.

Mr. Knowledge is steamed. Luckily it’s cold out to cool him off.