Foul Ball

The Drudge is reporting that the FBI is opening an investigation into whether Clemens lied to Congress. How ridiculous. How does pursuing this help the American public? It doesn’t. So, why do it? Congress should consider the following:

1 – Grandstanding on this issue rather than attending to the myriad of other, vital U.S. interests that should be under Congress’ consideration is detrimental to American security.

2 – It sounds very much like a “he said vs. he said” deal where the truth will probably never be uncovered.

3 – Mr. Clemens should be considered innocent unless someone proves his guilt. Right now, Congress and even the FBI are acting as though Mr. Clemens needs to prove his innocence.

4 – The charge of lying is an extension of Congress grilling Mr. Clemens and has nothing to do with the original charge of using steroids! If a REAL court cannot prove that Mr. Clemens used steroids, then all charges and proceedings should be dropped. Congress should not have the authority to override the duties of the judicial branch of government.

5 – During the hearing, Mr. Clemens’ lawyers were not allowed to speak for him as is the case in a judicial setting. Why is Congress allowed to subvert the right to be defended by competent counsel? That is not the American justice system at work, but a bunch of phonies trying to set a famous person up for a fall…all to add to their own luster.

Congress doesn’t seem to understand the rule of fair play. To the Democrats in Congress, Mr. Clemens’ “case” is nothing more than a chance to grandstand with the hopes of hitting a home run. I think Congress should learn to play ball by the rules and I don’t mean political rules! Otherwise, the American public should rule that “they’re out” !!!!

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