Voting "Right"

Voting is one of the most important duties of an American citizen. And, this year, every vote matters even more because the candidates hold such vastly different positions on many issues. Generally, Senator McCain is either centrist or toward the right of most issues while Senators Clinton or Obama are “left” — behind in their opinions.

If you are proud to be an American, vote McCain.
If you are grateful to our troops, vote McCain.
If you want to support our troops, vote McCain.
If you believe we need a strong commander in chief, vote McCain.
If you believe a Presidency starts on day 1, vote McCain.
If you want a strong economy that doesn’t depend upon class warfare, vote McCain.
If you believe everyone should work together for our country’s welfare, vote McCain.
If you understand that someone who has suffered for America will understand the suffering of others, vote McCain.

If you don’t believe in the ideas above, vote for one of those other two candidates. They will:

Give away America’s vital decisions to others.
Depend upon world concensus for policy decisions.
Have to learn on the job about the military that defends us.
Promote the welfare of one class of Americans at the expense of another.

Vote “Right”. Vote McCain!

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