What goes around…….

Senator Clinton claims that the media is harder on her than on Senator Obama who is the new media darling.

I agree with her. Her mistakes are magnified and his are minimized. And, it probably hurts to have former allies turn on you, but maybe, just maybe, this is the price she will pay for having enjoyed the same bias from the same press in the past.

Many ordinary citizens like me wondered if the Clintons would ever pay for their criminal behaviour of selling political favors and pardons while in the White House, sexual harassment of an employee in the White House, and trying to make off with silverware, etc., when they left office. President Clinton was always the Teflon president. No matter what he did, the Democratic party was right beside him, excusing, pardoning, and cheering him on. His bad judgment in foreign policies caused us to “lose” Osama bin Ladin and might have been the direct cause of 9/11. But, the media refused to mention that, or any other errors he made in office.

So, now, Obama is enjoying the blindness of that same media. He is a better person than Bill or Hillary ever were, but, still, his past has mistakes, too, which could be revealed. But, oh, no. He is the new Teflon man!

Well, Hillary, as the saying goes, it hurts to be you. You deserve to suffer from the same politically motivated media that used to revere you.

After all, what goes around, comes around!

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