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Unintended Consequences….

Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost.  And, all because he has thwarted the natural processes of capitalism and the marketplace.

One of the main advantages of pure capitalism is that,  no matter the outcome of an invention or idea…..the market place factors in even unintended consequences.  All consequences, whether intended or unintended are related to the decisions made by individuals when they  choose which products or ideas succeed through their own purchases.  A farmer in Wisconsin undoubtedly knows which crop to plant better than a city “slicker” in Washington, D.C., or almost any state capital.  Having a bureaucrat regulate which crop, which field to plant, or even which fertilizer is acceptable, is going to create a system that is burdened down with rules and not efficient.  The success of any market place service or invention should rely upon those who actually use the product, not some bureaucrat.

Just look at your own life and you’ll see plenty of unintended consequences.  And, you’ll realize that it is YOUR job to handle even the unintended consequences that are a daily feature of all our lives.  While unintended consequences can be beneficial……for example, Play Doh was invented to clean wall paper and, instead,t became a kid’s toy and a financial success……………..unintended consequences are more likely to create problems.   By their unpredictability, unintended consequences are almost always a surprise.  For example, we took our family on an extended trip which everyone originally was stoked about.  However, it appears that some enjoyed the trip while others “endured” it.  Considering all the fore thought, careful planning  and expense, the probable outcome should have been a wildly enthusiastic bunch returning home.  Unfortunately, the outcome was different.  So, even on this most basic level, the family, there are unintended consequences.  Even we could not accurately predict our family’s responses.  How then could Washington, D.C., be able to determine the products that work best for us?  Regulating water in toilets, light bulbs, or even that puddle of water in your yard, are not the best uses of our tax dollar.  Because, if even a family cannot foresee how their own members will react, how then can President Obama believe that he will be able to manage larger issues, such as health care?

Capitalism is the only efficient and fair method of determining winners and losers.  The proponent of any idea or product in the market place receives the credit or blame for his own idea.  And,  if an invention suits the consumer, then the product thrives.  If a product turns out to be a dud, then the inventor loses his investment in time, energy and money.  “Putting your money where your mouth is” is the only way to make sure that an idea’s worthiness is carefully considered and that bureaucrats are not just throwing money at ideas that THEY approve of. So, if your neighbor invents a machine that trims and cuts entire trees, and markets it, the risk is your neighbor’s.  If the tree machine is a huge success, as our neighbor’s was, then he becomes a millionaire.  We might be envious of his success and wealth, but the time, energy, money and RISK was all his.  It is fair that he reaps the rewards of his ingenuity.

Obama, though, wants everyone to share in someone else’s success.  His “you didn’t build that” litany is all too common among the Lieberals.  Under Obama’s theory, a budding American capitalist is expected to work himself silly, wade through incomprehensible regulations, and…..maybe, be successful or maybe fail.  If that capitalist fails, the government is silent.  If that capitalist succeeds, Obama wants some of the “profits” for those who did NOT stay up late at night because  “you didn’t build that”.  Even though every fact and detail proves that YOU DID BUILD THAT, Obama wants to dig into your pocket for “his” share!

Why?  Well, Obama wants to fund his own ventures.  Unfortunately, Obama’s ventures are NOT of his own making nor are they commercially effective (Solyndra!).  He puts none of his own blood, sweat and tears into these ventures.  So, he is much more apt to throw dollars at a “pretty” idea without considering the potential success.  History shows us time and again that the most  effective use of our tax dollars requires that bureaucrats like Obama stay out of our business and lives.  Catastrophes almost always occur when government mandates  and controls details of individuals’ lives.   Such catastrophes are raining down upon us now, thanks to Obama’s  meddling in areas where he should just keep his nose out.  The current chaos in our health care is one example.  The failure of our economy to thrive due to unrelenting regulation is another.  The horrific numbers of Americans unemployed is another, for, no matter what the “numbers” say, everyone knows there are way too many Americans on the dole and not working.

.  It would benefit almost everyone if politicians and President Obama just got out of the way and let the chickens, who know what they are doing, lay their eggs when, where and how often they want to.

In fact, let’s get the bureaucrats entirely out of our health, welfare and pursuit of liberty.  Let’s get America crowing again!