Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Democrats — Escape Artists

The Great Houdini, the best known escape artist ever,  had nothing on Democrats who disappear whenever an issue they don’t like appears!

In Wisconsin, the Dems scurried away to hide in Illinois.  Why?  To prevent the Wisconsin Legislature from presenting bills which were guaranteed to pass because, the Republicans held the majority.

In Washington, D.C., the Dems hid away in Capitol bolt holes.  Why?  To prevent President Trump from having his nominees for the Cabinet confirmed because, Republicans held the Senate majority and could easily confirm every nominee.

The Democrats are acting as if our duly elected President Trump is the enemy.  They forget that there are REAL enemies biding their time who want to destroy America.  They forget that we are fighting for our country’s life against an enemy that is unpredictable and who has no scruples about viciously killing men, women and children.  They forget that they were elected to serve America, NOT their own personal agenda.

So,stop  acting like cry babies and sore losers.  At least  pretend that you want what is good for the country.

So, if you Dems want to be escape artists, okay.  But, don’t make us suffer for your personal enmity of President Trump and the Conservatives and Independents and yes, Democrats, who elected Mr. Trump.  If you can’t play nice, go home and  leave  the field to those who want to make America Great Again.