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Racism & Driscrimination (My .02)

Every responsible parent attempts to raise children who tolerate the quirks and foibles of others. We all hope and pray that our kids will not turn into bullies or attempt to move through life by intimidation; but that our offspring will try to help others and generally become responsible citizens of our wonderful country.

Being tolerant becomes a good attitude for children, families, and society because tolerance is the lubricant of daily life. It allows someone in a hurry because they have a crying baby to move to the head of the line. It is understanding that a clerk is trying to help everyone all at once, but might need a little more time to finish the job. It is also realizing that no one passes through this life unscathed. If we take the time, we will find that pretty much everyone around us has some sad tale to tell, if we would only listen. Being tolerant means weighing the possibility of another’s problems into the equation before jumping to unwarranted conclusions and assuming that the other person is just being a jerk.

However, tolerance itself has been abused. It is tolerant to understand that someone might need a helping hand more than you. It is intolerant to assume that someone “gets” that helping hand merely because they are a minority or because they “deserve” it, according to their own estimation. The justification for promoting affirmative action was originally a means to remove invisible barriers and allow all citizens to have a fair shot in business, education, and Life, in general. It was to allow everyone the “pursuit” of happiness, not a guarantee that our tax dollars would pave the way for them! Now, though, affirmative action is being used to excuse every form of discrimination. Madtown, for example, is saying that it will no longer give our top students entrance, just because they are good students! Isn’t UW-Madison supposed to be an institution of higher learning where we promote academics? How do you justify giving more weight to someone’s color, or ethnicity, over another student’s scholarly attributes? This is NOT tolerance! It is rank discrimination, but because the students who suffer from this policy are not a minority, the University plows ahead. I am ashamed of my alma mater for bowing to political correctness and for not attempting to lure the best and brightest minds to our state!

I believe that our political system promotes this kind of blatant discrimination because almost all politicians are ultimately using our tax dollars to buy voters. It is easy to secure some votes merely by legislating benefits for a minority. Illegal immigration is an example of corrupting the notion of tolerance into a system that treats our immigrants unfairly. By definition, illegal immigration means that these people are breaking our law. They should be required to follow all the requirements of immigration, and not be forgiven simply because they can sneak across our borders, whether northern or southern. It is not tolerance to allow this. It is a buying of votes with our tax dollars.

Tolerance and discrimination are at opposite ends of the spectrum. We should not confuse the two. Tolerance is our adjusting to Life as we pass through and our attempt to smooth out the rough edges of Life so that everyone has a fair chance. Discrimination is an attempt to leverage a benefit for someone who has not earned that benefit. Tolerance serves all of us well. Discrimination creates anger. In our world today, which do you think serves all of us better?

From : The Mom Team

Racism & Driscrimination

So here is the long of the short as to why I am writing a post about racism. Someone where I work who is black, got a promotion because she went and bitched that the only reason she was not getting a promotion was because she’s black. Now if that was the case, then yes, that is bad. But, that is not the case. This person is loud-mouthed, comes in late everyday, has said things about people that were thought to be confidental to other people. Some of those things could have had very serious impact on some peoples lives.

Every god-damned time a black person or minority doesn’t get a job, it must be because they are being discriminated against. Sorry, doesn’t work for this guy. A great example: The NFL doesn’t have enough black coaches. Ok, and the NFL doesn’t have enough white running backs either. If you don’t get a job, it may be because you just aren’t the best person for the job.

How can the UW-Madison start accepting people based on race and ethnicity vs. their GPA and ACT scores? Because people try to be politically correct. Well PC people are more racist and discriminatory than us real world people. Race or gender should not be a consideration for admission for school, or anywhere else in this world. Why not when people apply to school, all their personal information is taken into a computer, and they are assigned a number? Then you select the best 100 people. If they are all white, well then I guess the smartest people are white. If they are black, I’d have no problem with that. Isn’t the point of a University or company to have the best applicants on the job?

The best man for the job, doesn’t get the job. It’s the man that cries racism that gets the job.

“Racism is not a color, it is an idea.” – Name Withheld

To clarify the quote above, it states that to qualify as racism, you don’t attach a color to the definition. If you get a job based on color then that is racism, even if you are a minority getting the job. Just because you are a minority you don’t get any special passes in my book, nor should you in life.

– Mr. Knowledge

Lagot Satire

This is a good 2-way article. I’m going to write this like I am a liberal. What’s funny about this is, liberals are going to go, oh yeah, he’s right. But convo’s are going to just be, wow libs suck.

Global warming started around 2001 when GWB cheated on votes and stole the election. Not only did he steal the election, but he’s been lying and cheating the American people since he took office. He started a recession as soon as he took office and he mastermined 9/11 in the 8 months he was in office. Also, instead of doing peace talks with Iraq, he had to cowboy in and start a war. Hillary and John Kerry were given false information that the president made up. Saddam really was a nice person, who took care of his people. Those torture chambers were put there by Rumsfield and Karl Rove so that Bush would look like he was right. Bush created hurricane Katrina because he hates black people. He is also an alcoholic and Rummy is a coke addict. These are the things I know to be 100% true, because someone told me to think like this.

Blame Bush.

-Mr. Knowledge

Rick Monday

Lagots, liberals, leftwing extremists; many names for people that have no idea about America or what is right for it. This is the general theme to this blog, but let me explain some of the finer points to this idea.

First off, I’m not explaining this from a neo-con point of view. Bush has been doing a few things, rather, a whole hell of a lot of things that piss the hell out of me. But, that’s not the point of this post.

The liberals want us to stop being Israel’s ally, because hey, they cause all the trouble in the middle east. Wait, from what I remember, Israel only attacks when they are attacked. Anyone remember the 1972 Munich Olympics? Yeah, Islam facists killed a dozen Israeli gymnists I believe. To not let Israel defend their own country is insane. Israel wants peace, Hezbolah and any other towel head only wants destruction of the Zion state, and the death of every American. Yes, even you Cindy Sheehan.

The ole liberal flip flop. Well, we want cheap gas, but we don’t want to drill anywhere in America. They want freedom of expression, yet don’t have the guts to fight for that freedom. They think everyone should have freedom of religion, yet hate Israel. They want equality, yet affirmative action, and allowing minorities to get special treatment is racism in and of itself.

A small point about racism. You may know Larry The Cable guy. Well, people tell me he is a redneck, foul-mouthed racist. Yet, I never hear anything about Dave Chapelle, who I’ve seen rip on white people. You can’t have it both ways.

In the end, liberals are piles of rat shit. Who don’t know if they are coming or going, or what the hell they really stand for.

Someone who stands for something is Rick Monday. Even though it’s over 30 years old, it still has a strong meaning. He was a Cubs center fielder. The Cubs were at Dodger Stadium, and some hippie protestors ran on the field to burn the American flag. Monday wouldn’t let this happen, so he ran and snatched it from them.
Video Tribute

Will we ever see patriotism like that again? Yes, but not from liberals, who think America is just bad.

Pat Tillman says F-U.

– Mr. Knowledge

ILLEGAL Immigration Pt. 1

Illegal immigration – The act of moving to or settling in another country or region, temporarily or permanently (“immigrating”), without documents permitting an immigrant to settle in that country. – Wikipedia

I just read an article that Hazleton, Penn is being sued by all these ACLU groups because they are strict on illegals. Any business or person who hires an illegal can be fined. And, oh my god, they want everyone to speak english.

Let’s break this down. Illegal immigrants are just that, illegal. So anyone hiring an illegal immigrant should be fined because they are helping someone break the law. Secondly, having one central language that everyone knows will help with communication. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a McDonalds or other fast food restraunt and can’t understand a damn thing the guy is saying because he can’t speak english that well.

What do the liberals say about this? They have a few classic liberal defenses.

We are all immigrants. Yes, but don’t forget to put the word illegal infront of that. The whole thing is they are ‘breaking’ into our country. Am I talking about the people who wait 10 years to be accepted into the country legally? No. I’m talking about those people who try to sneak over our boarders.

They just want a chance at life. Poppy cock. If that was the case they’d try to learn our language and work their way to a better life. All I see is a bunch of Burger King employess.

The fact remains is they want a free pass into the high life that so many Americans have had to fight for. I’m sorry, America has fought in countless wars for ourselves and for others. My great grandparents and my grandparents had to work their asses off to get in this country, yet those liberals want to pamper to these illegals and give them the free pass.

– Mr. Knowledge

Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman is now running for a seat in the sennate as an Independent. After reading that headline this morning I sat back and took a deep hard thought about what this means.

This means that the Democrat Presidental hopeful for 2004 and Democrat Vice Presdent hopeful for 2000 is no longer supported by liberals. Now why would liberals such as Hillary and Dean not support him anymore?

Did he turn neo-conservative? Not that I can tell.
Did he do anything to harm any of these other democrats? Doesn’t look like it.

But they hate (yes hate) him because he supports the war in Iraq and the war on terror. They don’t want him in there because, heaven forbid, a democrat agrees with Bush on the war on terror. Here a democrat has the balls to stand up for what’s right for America, even though he knew he was committing political suicide.

Not only that, the racial slurs the liberals have sent his way is just sick.

One thing is for sure, the liberal are getting more and more liberal with every passing second. They can’t even support a man who could have been their Vice Prez not 6 years ago. It boggles my mind.

John Gard put it right when he said, “They have to stop being democrats, and start being Americans.” The radical liberals aren’t trying to help America, but rather, help their own agenda even if it means stepping on people they used to support.

-Mr. Knowledge

Broken Silence

What is this blog about? It’s about those of us out there that are fed up with liberal propaganda and want to bring to light what liberalism is all about. Political correctness does not exist on Republican Banter; we speak the truth like it was always meant to be spoken. Indians are not Native Americans, Blacks are not African-Americans, all terrorists ARE Muslim, Liberals are not Democrats, Libertarians, or Independents, they are LIBERALS (Also commonly known as Lagots). Repus, let’s come together to expose liberals for what they are and help the common cause.

– The Conservative Renegade


So what is this? This is my blog. That’s about it.

I’m here on this earth for 1 thing, and that is to dominate lagots. Lagots is a term I will use frequently, which is a combination of Liberals and Fagots. Lagots is a term that is meant to describe people like John Kerry, Bill Clinton and Al Sharpton. All of them are useless piles of garbage, or easier said, lagots.

In 5 years when I’m on FOXNews or the presidents right hand man, you will be thanking your lucky stars you read my banter.

-Mr. Knowledge