Joe Lieberman

Joe Lieberman is now running for a seat in the sennate as an Independent. After reading that headline this morning I sat back and took a deep hard thought about what this means.

This means that the Democrat Presidental hopeful for 2004 and Democrat Vice Presdent hopeful for 2000 is no longer supported by liberals. Now why would liberals such as Hillary and Dean not support him anymore?

Did he turn neo-conservative? Not that I can tell.
Did he do anything to harm any of these other democrats? Doesn’t look like it.

But they hate (yes hate) him because he supports the war in Iraq and the war on terror. They don’t want him in there because, heaven forbid, a democrat agrees with Bush on the war on terror. Here a democrat has the balls to stand up for what’s right for America, even though he knew he was committing political suicide.

Not only that, the racial slurs the liberals have sent his way is just sick.

One thing is for sure, the liberal are getting more and more liberal with every passing second. They can’t even support a man who could have been their Vice Prez not 6 years ago. It boggles my mind.

John Gard put it right when he said, “They have to stop being democrats, and start being Americans.” The radical liberals aren’t trying to help America, but rather, help their own agenda even if it means stepping on people they used to support.

-Mr. Knowledge

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