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Israel and a nuclear Iran

Thank goodness that someone –Israel — has the courage to repel the Iranian nuclear threat although it is sad that the only country prepared to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions is a tiny country that has had to defend itself since time began.

Why is everyone afraid of Iran now?  They do not have nuclear weapons yet.  But, if Iran develops that technology, the world is lost.  It is time, past time, for the other countries to recognize that if Iran does create nuclear weapons, the rest of us are doomed.  Iran has no sense of national civility nor any sense of concern for what other nations or cultures might think, say or do.  All Iran cares about is being # 1 and enforcing their bizarre interpretation of Islam upon the entire world.

So, thank you, Israel.  It looks as though it is up to you to save all of us!

Finally, some good news for Republicans!

Today, the Republican National Committee  chose Michael Steele as its Chairman.  Yahoo!  He has been a favorite of mine for several years.

He has appeared on many talk shows and, every time, I marvel that his views seem to so closely resemble mine.  The old adage of “great minds think alike” pops into my noggin.  But, all kidding aside,  his views expressed on many  tv shows make me believe he is a wise man.  He  displays poise in public and cordiality toward even people who seem determined to insult him, his ideas, or his party.  He seems like a real go-getter….ready to revive the conservative movement!

I have been rooting for him since he mentioned a few months ago that he would be a candidate for the position.  And, now, I am proud of the Republican National Committee for electing him as chairman.  Finally, there is some good news for Republicans!

Attitude Adjustment Day

Politicians worldwide are looking for a scapegoat for current economic problems, but there are a gazillion causes for this recession.  Bad loans stemming from the Community Reinvestment Act were made to satisfy  Congress who wanted EVERYONE to have a home, whether they could pay for it or not because that bought votes.  Democrats in Congress smiled while Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac made extremely risky loans which yielded a ridiculously high  rate of foreclosure.  Unions were never satisfied with their “deal” with the company and continually demanded higher wages, greater benefits, and even more vacation!  And, yes, some CEOs were spending money for themselves that the company did not have.

The end result is that the market could simply not endure these costs when  profits were falling or nonexistent.  Foreign  competition was cheap and did not have to follow the same regulations imposed on American companies by Lieberals.  Everyone should have seen it coming because the debacle back in the 70s with the Savings and Loans was also based on faulty, unsustainable loans and business deals .  That time,  BANKS bailed the Savings and Loans, and Congress, out.  Of course, it didn’t cost the public tax dollars because the bailout came directly from banks who were never part of the problem.  But, so long as “someone” paid for it, Congress was happy.

This attitude of promising the moon to voters and then scampering to find the means to pay off the debt is so typical of Congress.  Congress never seems to understand that profit is not a dirty word!  Nor is the accumulation of wealth a sin although the current administration seems to think so. 

Some companies saw the upcoming problems and pleaded with the unions to make concessions or face bankruptsy of the company, but the unions refused.  Congress created much of the fiasco on Wall Street by, for example,  allowing  unhealthy mergers between financial institutions and insurance companies, without requiring oversight.  Congress allowed CEOs to  serve on many different company board of directors and this cronyism created unwise business decisions.  The government bailout of Detroit and Wall Street is the direct result of all these influences.

So, where do we go from here?  Well, first, Congress should accept responsibility for their stupidity and we should put limits on what and how Congress legislates.  Secondly, financial companies should ALL have to follow the same set of regulations if they are engaged in a certain business.  For example, banks are limited in where they can invest.  Any company performing banking functions should have to follow the same regulations, be under the same system of examinations, and have to maintain the same level of capital to assets ratio!

Thirdly, the public has to realize that individuals create wealth, not governments.  Everyone should plan, and WORK, for the benefit of their family.  Government should not be responsible for the expenses of individuals.  And, we have to get over the idea that someone else is to blame for our problems.  We allowed Congress to become a clutter of self-serving, money-hungry, and dishonest “servants”.  Yes, they were to serve us, but instead, they ended up serving themselves at our expense.

The only way out of this recession is to change the atmosphere of our country back to when individuals actively worked for their own good.  Democracy only works if individuals do their own part to keep the country vibrant.  Right now, there are too many being paid for by the hard work of others.  We need to change this attitude.  Years ago, schools used to reserve a day for teachers to regain their equillibrium.   I say it’s time for an attitude adjustment day in Congress and in our entire country!

A Judge who follows the law!

The Associated Press finds a judge who follows the law, not the latest political junket!


Judge rejects Obama bid to stall Gitmo trial

Associated Press Writers

A military judge at Guantanamo on Thursday rejected a White House request to suspend a hearing for the alleged mastermind of the USS Cole bombing, creating an unexpected challenge for the administration as it reviews how America puts suspected terrorists on trial.

The judge, Army Col. James Pohl, said his decision was difficult but necessary to protect “the public interest in a speedy trial.” The ruling came in the case against Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. The bombing of the Navy destroyer in 2000 in the harbor of Aden, Yemen, killed 17 U.S. sailors.

The judge’s decision seemed to take the Pentagon and White House by surprise.

So, we’re not the only ones who admire # 43, George Bush!

Courtesy of

A big women’s basketball game between No. 2 Oklahoma and No. 4 Baylor just gained added prestige.

Former President George W. Bush and wife Laura attended Wednesday’s game. The two entered several minutes before the opening tip, flanking Lady Bears coach Kim Mulkey, and received a prolonged standing ovation from the fans at the Ferrell Center. The group was engulfed by photographers and camera crews at the Oklahoma bench.

Another round of applause followed during the initial TV timeout at 15:57 of the first half, when the 43rd president was introduced again.

Bush maintains a ranch in nearby Crawford and plans to relocate to a home in Dallas soon.

Officials said it was the first time that Bush had attended a Baylor athletic event in person. A video feed of the 2003 Texas-Baylor football game was sent via satellite to the White House. Bush has long been a sports fan and was managing partner of the Texas Rangers before being elected governor of Texas.

Bush provided the Baylor women’s basketball team with a pep talk before the game.

“I told them that every moment in life is precious and this is a big moment for them,” Bush told pool reporter Chad Conine of the Waco Tribune-Herald . “There’s no question in my mind they’ll give it their all and I wish them all the best.”

Bush also had a chanced to renew acquaintances with Baylor coach Kim Mulkey.

“Most of all, I was excited to get to say hello to Kim. I got to know her when they won the national championship and they came to the oval office,” Bush said. “She is a dynamic person. She’s really one of the country’s great coaches.

“So Laura and I got a chance to come here. This is our first outing since I left the presidency and I can’t think of a better place — and yes I’m excited.”


President Obama reportedly gave one of his first foreign interviews to an Arab network.  Of course, the Saudis, Iranians, and other muslim nations are ecstatic.  The wedge is now firmly driven between Israel and the United States, thanks to one, foolish interview given by our President.

Obama seems to forget that Israel is a democracy and most of the Arab nations are not.

Obama seems to forget that Israel is eager to help us destroy the terrorists and most of the Arab nations are not.

Obama seems to forget that Israel is one of our strongest allies in the Middle East and most of the Arab nations are not!

President Obama has forgotten the threat of a nuclear Iran and ignored the beleaguered status of Israel.

All the efforts to contain terrorism which flourishes in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and yes, even Jordan, are all for naught.  Our current President is not only oblivious to reality in the Middle East, but also foolish to ignore an important ally like Israel merely to show his power.   It looks to me like Obama’s inexperience is showing.  And, most of what Obama does is simply foolishness!

Rushing Rush

From the “now I’ve heard everything” book:   President Obama tells Republican legislators to not listen to Rush Limbaugh so “they” can get things done!  Well, he means so that they will toe his and the Democrats’ line.

In a blatant demonstration of arrogance, Obama tried to demoralize the Republicans by implying that they are puppets of a talk show host .  And, with that rude comment, he also hoped to  marginalize Mr. Limbaugh.  It was an absurd way for a President to act, but if you have watched the Democrats, you understand that they believe they — and they alone — have the right to say or do anything!  This was just the latest example of that philosophy.

This “we’re right and you’re wrong” attitude comes from the Democrats being  “me” driven and is why  President Obama does not understand that Republicans are united by a philosphy of individualism, self reliance, and a high moral standard.   If the Republican legislators and Mr. Limbaugh have common hopes, ideals and beliefs, that should surprise no one.  And, if a Democratic President attempts to divide his “enemy”, as he sees conservatives, that should surprise no one either.

Maybe with the SuperBowl approaching, Obama thought a pass rush on Rush would confuse Republicans.  But all of us have now seen how the Democrats play the game and we’re more than willing to call penalties when we see them.  So, I give Obama 15 yards on a personal penalty for taunting.    

After all, Mr. Limbaugh is a private citizen, not a foreign country or enemy combatant!   Surely Obama should be dealing with issues of state and not trying to destroy an individual!! So, while Obama won’t lose the ball because he is President, he showed the true colors of the Democrats  with that unsportsmanlike conduct!

World – Class – Arrogance

President Obama called a few Republicans into the White House to discuss the economic stimulus he says is needed.  Some have said that the American economy fuels the world economy and therefore, it is of paramount importance to cure America before the World falls ill.  However, it sounds like Obama has a different agenda.  Aparently, he wants 25% of the billions mentioned to be spent on items not approved, like contraceptives !  I don’t understand how limiting the number of babies born to Americans will stimulate the economy nor help the world.  It sounds as though Obama lives in his own, little World.

Then, he complains about how much money the wealthy have and how he means to steal that difference and give it to the poor.  That is class warfare.

Finally, even his aides admit that when questioned about a specific item in the stimulus plan, Obama said,  “I won”.  That is, I won and you will do as I say.  That is arrogance.

Add those up and you come up with a very clear and honest depiction of President Obama — World Class Arrogance.