World – Class – Arrogance

President Obama called a few Republicans into the White House to discuss the economic stimulus he says is needed.  Some have said that the American economy fuels the world economy and therefore, it is of paramount importance to cure America before the World falls ill.  However, it sounds like Obama has a different agenda.  Aparently, he wants 25% of the billions mentioned to be spent on items not approved, like contraceptives !  I don’t understand how limiting the number of babies born to Americans will stimulate the economy nor help the world.  It sounds as though Obama lives in his own, little World.

Then, he complains about how much money the wealthy have and how he means to steal that difference and give it to the poor.  That is class warfare.

Finally, even his aides admit that when questioned about a specific item in the stimulus plan, Obama said,  “I won”.  That is, I won and you will do as I say.  That is arrogance.

Add those up and you come up with a very clear and honest depiction of President Obama — World Class Arrogance.

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