Rushing Rush

From the “now I’ve heard everything” book:   President Obama tells Republican legislators to not listen to Rush Limbaugh so “they” can get things done!  Well, he means so that they will toe his and the Democrats’ line.

In a blatant demonstration of arrogance, Obama tried to demoralize the Republicans by implying that they are puppets of a talk show host .  And, with that rude comment, he also hoped to  marginalize Mr. Limbaugh.  It was an absurd way for a President to act, but if you have watched the Democrats, you understand that they believe they — and they alone — have the right to say or do anything!  This was just the latest example of that philosophy.

This “we’re right and you’re wrong” attitude comes from the Democrats being  “me” driven and is why  President Obama does not understand that Republicans are united by a philosphy of individualism, self reliance, and a high moral standard.   If the Republican legislators and Mr. Limbaugh have common hopes, ideals and beliefs, that should surprise no one.  And, if a Democratic President attempts to divide his “enemy”, as he sees conservatives, that should surprise no one either.

Maybe with the SuperBowl approaching, Obama thought a pass rush on Rush would confuse Republicans.  But all of us have now seen how the Democrats play the game and we’re more than willing to call penalties when we see them.  So, I give Obama 15 yards on a personal penalty for taunting.    

After all, Mr. Limbaugh is a private citizen, not a foreign country or enemy combatant!   Surely Obama should be dealing with issues of state and not trying to destroy an individual!! So, while Obama won’t lose the ball because he is President, he showed the true colors of the Democrats  with that unsportsmanlike conduct!

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