Another Democrat Give-away…..

President Carter gave away the Panama Canal.  Remember that canal?  It was paid for with American sweat, blood, tears……and, money.  A majority of Americans did NOT want the Panama Canal to be given away.

President Obama is giving away the Internet.  Remember the Internet?  It’s that tool that our American military developed and which has blossomed into a world-wide communication device.  The majority of Americans do NOT want the Internet given away.

No matter.  Both Democrat Presidents believe they know better than the American voter upon whose judgment  both said they trusted.  Oh, wait.  They only trusted the American voters’ judgment if that judgment agreed with theirs!

Give-away is the mantra of almost every Democrat politician. They buy votes with their give-aways.   The only clinker in the deal is that they ONLY give away what is not theirs.  And, they don’t believe they need to do what American citizens want.

Whether  the give-away includes a vital waterway such as the Panama Canal or a communication link which is vital to our national security and Constitutional rights, these Democrat politicians don’t care.  What they want is the International community to applaud their “generosity”.  Whether their decisions are good for America, they don’t care.  After all, their image in the world, their legacy, their status is all that matters to them.

The loss of Internet control is going to cost America in unforeseen ways.  After all, how can it be good for America to give something away that is intrinsically American.  Why would we allow another to be in charge of the Internet which is the only truly free communication device in the world.  No.  There is no justifiable reason to give up the Internet.

It is just another Democrat give-away!


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