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Sore Losers

I have never been a fan of Jimmy Carter even though the media lauds him and his post-Presidential activities.  Some of those activities, like his work with Habitat for Humanity, are commendable.  Some of his Presidential choices, like giving away the Panama Canal when most Americans were against it, were a usurpation of his Presidential authority. You would think that he would have learned that America disagreed with him when he lost his second Presidential bid.  But, no, he continues to lecture –or is it hector — us?. Whatever you call it, that holier than thou attitude  is beginning to pall on most of us.

Maybe he did know better than us.  Maybe he did not.

However, although we believe in Freedom of Speech, and he has the right to speak his mind, there is a standard for Good Manners which  many of us in Fly-Over territory still appreciate.  So, when former  President Carter calls our current President a “jerk”,  is there any excuse for such bad manners? How does his insulting comment help our country?  Does he care whether he is aiding and abetting our enemies by denigrating the man who now sits in the Oval Office?   One wonders  if his Momma ever taught him good manners.

Unfortunately, Democrats are more interested in knocking President Trump down than whether their speech and actions are good for America or not.  Their group mentality, if there is anything mental involved in their attitudes, is relentlessly set in the direction of destroying President Trump.  So, they undoubtedly will snicker and applaud Carter for going on a radical, Lieberal (yes, lying) tv show and insulting the man elected to return America to greatness.

It is so out of the bounds of common decency!  When will good manners return to the public arena?  When will Democrats start acting as they should and when will they begin promoting the public good and not their own political careers?  Who or what  is  served by Carter  throwing public insults at Conservatives and President Trump?  Maybe he learned those bad manners from the most recent Democrat who lost, Hillary Clinton.  I mean, come on.  How does it help America when Schumer and Pelosi viciously attack the President of the United States?

It’s sad to see that many Democrats act like children, bullying others because, with the media support, there are no consequences for them acting like thugs.  Just like the worst of the schoolyard bullies whom we all want  to keep from hurting others, they rally around even the worst among them and promote their hateful agenda of destruction.  It’s worse than childish.  It’s poisonous to America.  So, I hope Democrats will start acting like mature adults and actually begin helping President Trump.

Unfortunately, I fear that will never happen.  Why?  Because, they are NOT statesmen nor stateswomen.

No, like Jimmy Carter and Hillary Clinton and Al Gore,  they are sore losers!

Another Democrat Give-away…..

President Carter gave away the Panama Canal.  Remember that canal?  It was paid for with American sweat, blood, tears……and, money.  A majority of Americans did NOT want the Panama Canal to be given away.

President Obama is giving away the Internet.  Remember the Internet?  It’s that tool that our American military developed and which has blossomed into a world-wide communication device.  The majority of Americans do NOT want the Internet given away.

No matter.  Both Democrat Presidents believe they know better than the American voter upon whose judgment  both said they trusted.  Oh, wait.  They only trusted the American voters’ judgment if that judgment agreed with theirs!

Give-away is the mantra of almost every Democrat politician. They buy votes with their give-aways.   The only clinker in the deal is that they ONLY give away what is not theirs.  And, they don’t believe they need to do what American citizens want.

Whether  the give-away includes a vital waterway such as the Panama Canal or a communication link which is vital to our national security and Constitutional rights, these Democrat politicians don’t care.  What they want is the International community to applaud their “generosity”.  Whether their decisions are good for America, they don’t care.  After all, their image in the world, their legacy, their status is all that matters to them.

The loss of Internet control is going to cost America in unforeseen ways.  After all, how can it be good for America to give something away that is intrinsically American.  Why would we allow another to be in charge of the Internet which is the only truly free communication device in the world.  No.  There is no justifiable reason to give up the Internet.

It is just another Democrat give-away!