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Hypocrisy exemplified!

The media adores Democrats. Hillary Clinton is a Democrat. The media adores Senator Clinton.

It’s like night following day. No matter what inane comment Senator Clinton makes, the media spins the comment to her advantage.

Now, Senator Clinton claims she knows how to deal with “evil” men because of her past experience with former President Bill Clinton, her husband. By insinuation, that means that she considers her husband to be evil. And, she, along with the audience, laugh at that tidbit.

Is it normal for a wife to imply that her husband is “evil” ???

Is it normal to laugh about dealing with “evil” men?

No. It is a sad commentary on today’s political climate that Bill Clinton’s immoral predilections are now the source of amusement by the world and even his wife. This lacksadaisical attitude toward immoral behaviour has degraded the office of President and even our status in the world.

The measure of a man’s character is the man’s own steadfastness to truth and morality. President Clinton was not true to the duties of his office, his marriage, or himself. Senator Clinton accepted this behaviour and now sees the situation as a big joke.

Shame on President Clinton for his perverted behaviour. Shame on Senator Clinton for condoning immorality. Shame on the Democrats for pretending the perversion was all a big joke. Shame on the media for not acknowledging their own hypocrisy by glossing over the offensive acts.

Shame on America if we allow such behaviour to be rewarded rather than treated as an example of people who are too irresponsible, too immoral, and too greedy to accept responsibility for behaviour that would have thrown a Republican out of office and into limbo forever!

Rules of Engagement

Talking with some friends who i respect very much and are members of our armed forces, I’ve come to hate the very idea of rules of engagement. One friend said that Iraq would be all cleaned out of terroist orginations had the military been able to basically go out and stomp the enemy, instead of being fired upon first. Now my friend is no genius, but I’d trust him making the right decisions when it comes to who to shoot.

It’s like the movie of the same name, the Rules of Engagement are just too strict.

Liberals get their panties in an uproar when one of our soliders does something even close to breaking Geneva convention rules. What happens when the others use power drills to peoples heads? Where are they supporting the use of force to remove these people from power.

My favorite quote from the movie.

Childers – “Yes they had weapons! You think there’s a script for fighting a war without pissing somebody off? Follow the rules and nobody gets hurt? Yes, innocent people probably died. Innocent people always die but I did not exceed my orders.”

Biggs – “There are rules and Marines are sworn to uphold them. “

Childers – “I was not going to stand by and see another Marine die just to live by those fucking rules.”

-Mr. Knowledge

The Circus is coming to Town!

The anti-war demonstrations in Washington have turned into a circus because children are now harnessed up as political props in an effort to belittle the war on terrorism. The proof is the Drudge’s report that a 12 year old in the Washington protest spoke about her concerns that the war will portray the United States as a bully.

Well, tarara-boom-de-ay! Does a 12 year old understand the delicacy of the war effort or the tactical needs of the troops or the danger presented to our country by terrorism? Are the troops reassured to hear her opinions? Or, do they see the absurdity of a child pontificating about the United States’ foreign policy?

Let’s get real! War is a serious business that needs guidance from experts, not children. Even though former President Carter also admitted that he asked his daughter (then about 12, too) her opinion of the world situation, this is not the place nor the time for children.

If adults question the war in Iraq, let them. But, that opinion should be based upon experts who have some basis for an opinion. Children, especially of 12 years, should be concerned with junior high activities and not coerced into political insanity.

Don’t make a mockery of the troops’ efforts by pretending that a 12 year old speaks for America! The war on terrorism is no joke, nor should it be treated like a circus. If terrorists succeed, our country might be the next dancing bear or tiger — defanged, of course – in a cage..humiliated for all the world to see.

The State of our Union

Within minutes of the State of the Union speech last night, pundits began telling us their evaluations of the speech, the audience, and what the speech means to America. There are always people who believe we need to know what the President actually said. Here’s a news flash. We do not need all the Presidential hopefuls, their hype teams, nor the useless media to tell us what we heard.

Unfortunately, politicians enjoy telling the media what “The American Public” believes, thinks, feels, or wants and the media enjoys portraying these opinions as facts. Contrary to their patronizing attitude, both my husband and I, along with our children, friends and neighbors, are actually capable of listening to and interpreting a speech.

Our analysis is that President Bush’s speech was perfect for this time in history.

Webb’s speech, on the other hand, was one of denial. Although he stated the economy was in bad shape, the economy is actually roaring along. Even President Bush’s worst critics have had to admit that our economy was definitely helped by President Bush’s expertise in economics. So, one of the premises of Webb’s speech is false.

Webb’s speech exemplified a sense of belligerance and arrogance in saying that the war in Iraq is failing. He said that many military and others felt the war had been mishandled. Who are these people? Just because Webb “says” these people exist is no guarantee that such an opinion exists. And, as a former head of the Navy, he should know that wars have their ups and downs. He should also know that a positive attitude is important in every military effort and he should be encouraging rather than discouraging.

I am afraid that Webb, with his demands for pull-outs and with his depressing demeanor, will indeed “vote for failure.” In fact, he already has done so publicly with his words!

Divisive speeches, such as Senator Webb’s, will encourage our enemies. The terrorists see division here as another sign that America will quit before the job is done. They hope and pray that people will listen to Senator Webb.

No matter what anyone says, the State of our Union is strong. We all want our country to serve as a beacon of Liberty. We all want a good life for our children. We are unified in our generosity. Let’s dismiss self-serving speakers like Senator Webb and tell politicians like him that our country needs less bitterness, political jealousy, and divisive behaviour. We need less of “you”, meaning the politicians….and more of “We, the People.”

United we stand!

Remember back when President Bush was first running and the critics claimed that the economy was the most important issue? Who created a first class, robust economy with tax cuts and other incentives for businesses which created jobs and wealth for all? President Bush. Who now blames the tax cuts for every possible woe in our country, despite a still thriving economy? The Democrats.

Remember back when 9/11 occurred and New Yorkers cried out for help? Who was there for them? President Bush. Remember who took the credit for all the federal aid that New York received? Chuck Schurmer and Hillary Clinton. Remember when the hurricane roared through New Orleans and the Democratic leaders of that state refused federal aid until it was too late? Who took the blame for that? President Bush. Did the Democrats ever concede that it was their own party’s officials who created much of the chaos? No. They blamed President Bush.

Remember how the country howled for relief from the threat of terrorism? Who reacted as strongly as he could with funds and ideas and leadership? President Bush. Even though the public demanded such a response, and now that we feel safer, whom do the media blame for the strength of that response? President Bush.

When Saddam was murdering his own people and becoming a world-wide threat with his support of terrorism, what did the public demand? They cried out that Saddam must be overthrown and his despotic regime thrown out. Who sent our military to save Iraq and the entire MidEast? President Bush. Even though they supported the action at that time, who now claim they now believe the war was a mistake? The Democrats.

When election time rolled around, did you notice how many Democrats claimed that they were misinformed — even though everyone in the world agreed that Saddam must be overthrown?

What thanks is he getting? The Democrats routinely vilify him with aspersions to his intellect and, even, his very character. The media cheers the aggression on. These people cannot credit President Bush with any good advance. They are blinded by hate and an incapacity to recognize an honest man when they see one.

But, the most eggregious action today is that many Republicans have also forgotten how much they owe the President for his help in past elections. Are you listening Senator Spector? Even those who supported the war when it was “popular” are now alligned with the Democrats because the war is now politically incorrect. These people have allowed the constant adversarial beat of the media and the hate-mongering of people like Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others to set the agenda. The welfare of America is no longer the focus of their careers, but they seek the destruction of an administration and thereby, the enlarging of their own sphere of influence.

The Democrats are not the Peace party. No, they have created a hateful environment where even the President’s wife can be attacked! (See Kagen’s apology for details.) Because these people are so cowardly, they will fail to support our military and thus, our country.

I say it is time for ALL politicians to get behind our military. And, yes, that means you do not attempt to thwart a commander-in-chief who is attempting to save not only our country, but the entire world from terrorism. Politicans: forget your own self-serving goals and seriously consider the effects of your continuous barrage of insults and how those harmful comments damage our campaign to free Iraq. Don’t try to rationalize your public “heroics” as being for the good of the country. They serve only your own careers.

What is good for this country is to be united in the fight against terrorism. All the posturing by politicans will not save the nation. Remember the old adage?

United we Stand. Divided we Fall!

Keep Hill on "The Hill"

Despite the many scandals associated with the Bill Clinton presidency and the deep involvement of Hillary in most of them, she has decided she wants to be President. Whether ishe is qualified to be President or whether it would be good for the country to rehash these follies probably never entered her mind. Hillary Clinton wants to be President and what Hillary wants, she will rape, pillage and plunder to get.

Already, reports are that her “team” has tried savaging Barak Obama, her greatest challenger from within the Democratic party. Her slanderous comments about Barak are not surprising considering that she is known for her animosity toward anyone who gets in her way. And, Barak is in her way right now.

Unfortunately for Senator Clinton, she has no skills or even the stature to be the President of the United States.

Her administrative skills, for example, are nonexistent because she has never been a governor, CEO, or held any position where she had to manage large areas of business or people. Her past history is largely one of delegating the intricacies of a situation to underlings. In the Senate, she is known for jumping on the band wagon of other senators’ bills, if it is politically popular. She has never attempted to actually learn to do the job of President, but rather has spent her time polishing her image in the hopes that the image alone will carry her to the White House.

She has no military skills or deep knowledge of foreign affairs although she pretends that her time as first lady and her trips abroad have filled in the gaps. She has no business skills to run the economy because her degree was in law. If the past is any evidence of her social abilities, she is also lacking in this area.

Even her character is suspect. She lives by the adage of “carpe diem” and not by any moral compass. If she believes that a religious attitude will further her career, she will adapt one. If she needs to be seen as “one of us”, she will breakfast with “the people”. However, her past betrays her true self. When she was in the White House, many of the staff reported that she ignored anyone who was “beneath” her. She screamed and swore her way through her husband’s presidency in private while smiling and cooing in public.

So, why should anyone vote for her?

Democrats are desperate to win the White House and they believe that name recognition will win the day. Democrats do not want to choose the best candidate of their party or someone who will serve our country effectively. They want to choose a winner regardless of a possible disastrous result for our country.

Let’s hope that the Democrats in the street will recognize this woman as the snake in the Garden of Washington, slithering hither and yon in search of fools to do her bidding. But, be careful. She speaks with a forked tongue.

Why he’s a good man.

This picture is from the funeral of Cpl. Dunham, who was awarded the Medal of Honor. While the liberals are around galavanting, and trying to win with dirty tactics, Mr. Bush still realizes these are human beings that are being killed instead of statistics that can help win elections.

Mr. Knowledge


I AM STEAMED. Just saw an article where some Choral group got beat up in San Fran. According to the article, some kid was making fun of the group as being gay. (Ironic… Frisco) Well, the group is from Yale and there was a fight, well not a fight, the choral boys got ambushed and many were seriously injured. Now what really steams my ass is the fact that people in response to the article are saying that the boys deserved it, or going even as far as to say that since Bush went to Yale, the kids deserved it. Sadly I am not making this up. Oh yeah, one guy even said the Star Spangled Banner is racist.

You dumb f’ers. People were beat up. It shouldn’t matter what’s the reason. What if in fact they were really gay. The ACLU would come crying in and do something about it. Why should it matter? These boys rights were abused and someone is going to be held accountable. Mr. Knowledge guarentees that.

Mr. Knowledge is not happy with what’s going on in this country. Why are we pampering the rights of illegals, when my rights, or the boys from Yale’s rights, are not being honored? Where is the ACLU fighting for those boys? Where is the public uproar when illegal’s come in and ruin the lives of hard working Americans? Where is the uproar when the media doesn’t do it’s job and only prints one side of the story? Where are the people to fight for the rights of ALL Americans, not just the ones that put you on the front page of the news?

Mr. Knowldge

ACLU — Wrong Again!

From The Providence Journal:
01:00 AM EST on Tuesday, January 9, 2007
By Karen Lee ZinerJournal Staff Writer

PROVIDENCE — The Rhode Island Affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union yesterday filed a federal lawsuit against the state police, alleging racial profiling and violation of the constitutional rights of 14 Guatemalan nationals during a July traffic stop that led to their detention by immigration officials.

Aren’t police EXPECTED to detain ILLEGALS?

Rather than concentrating on the fact that illegals have been caught, the ACLU is once again focusing on the wrong issue. Illegal alien means someone who is acting in contravention of our laws. Most people, I would think, would applaud the police for apprehending anyone who is illegal.

The ACLU is a group of lawyers and lawyers are considered officers of the court. So how can a representative of the law ever countenance breaking the law?

The ACLU — Wrong Again!

Equal Oppurtunity

They’re at it again. Who you might ask? The NCAA president is calling for more minority coaches in the NCAA. There are 2 very big problems with this.

1. Where do they say anything about being qualified? From what I see, there are some very good white coaches, and there are some very bad ones. Same can be said for minority coaches, some good, some bad. America’s universities are some of the most liberal institutions around, and if they could hire a minoritiy over someone white, you know they would. If there’s a tallented black coach, then he’ll get hired.

2. If they want more coaches, I want more white running backs. I think there are too many black running backs and wide recievers in the NCAA and NFL ranks. What ever happened to equality. But Mr. Knowledge, don’t be silly, the black recievers and running backs are more tallented and that’s why they are holding those positions. Oh, so the most qualified person should get the job? Huh.

Five or maybe more years ago, Matt Millen was hired as GM for the Lions. He in turn was hiring a coach. The best coach available at the time was Steve Marriucci, a white coach. The NFL makes you interview like 3 black coahces everytime you are interviewing anyone. These coaches knew Millen wanted Mooch, so they didn’t come and interview. Millen recieved a 50,000 dollar fine or something for not interviewing the black coaches. Now, get real. Even though it doesn’t look like it now, but Mooch was the best coach available. Should Millen have hired, or even interviewed a less qualified coach just to appease the NFL. No. This, really should humiliate minorities. If you translate this, the NFL is really saying : “Minority coaches suck more than white coaches, so we need to give them a break and make teams give them interviews.” Bumble-farks.

Mr. Knowledge is PO’d.