Rules of Engagement

Talking with some friends who i respect very much and are members of our armed forces, I’ve come to hate the very idea of rules of engagement. One friend said that Iraq would be all cleaned out of terroist orginations had the military been able to basically go out and stomp the enemy, instead of being fired upon first. Now my friend is no genius, but I’d trust him making the right decisions when it comes to who to shoot.

It’s like the movie of the same name, the Rules of Engagement are just too strict.

Liberals get their panties in an uproar when one of our soliders does something even close to breaking Geneva convention rules. What happens when the others use power drills to peoples heads? Where are they supporting the use of force to remove these people from power.

My favorite quote from the movie.

Childers – “Yes they had weapons! You think there’s a script for fighting a war without pissing somebody off? Follow the rules and nobody gets hurt? Yes, innocent people probably died. Innocent people always die but I did not exceed my orders.”

Biggs – “There are rules and Marines are sworn to uphold them. “

Childers – “I was not going to stand by and see another Marine die just to live by those fucking rules.”

-Mr. Knowledge

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