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Teaching a Lesson

As a teacher, I was never fond of punishing the entire class for the misbehaviour of one student. However, that is just what is happening in two very important areas — one economic and one political .

Because some investment brokerages (they are financial institutions, but NOT BANKS) have made poor loans, now the entire financial industry is paying the price. The money we banks paid the Fed to run and regulate our industry — that of Banking — is now bailing out a completely separate institution. And, Congress is already agitating for MORE regulation of ALL financial institutions! Believe me, banks are already highly regulated and, in fact, did not make the loans that are now causing such alarm in “high places”. But, because one “student” has made a mistake, all of us will suffer.

Secondly, the Democratic party is fighting itself about who will win the nomination for the Presidency. The controversy between whether the popular vote or the delegate vote takes the prize is up in the air, despite the rules being quite clear that having the superior number of delegates means “you” win.

Now, Senator Nelson of Florida has proposed throwing out the entire election system for the Presidential race, i.e., creating regional primaries and eliminating the electoral college! He seems to feel that the mistakes of the Democratic party should somehow influence not only how all primaries are run, but how the entire country votes!!!!

Once again, someone wants to punish everyone for the misbehaviour of “one” student.

Maybe it is time to teach the powers that be to scrutinize ONLY the misbehaving parties, not all of us. Most of us are following the rules and don’t need time-outs. Let those who have not followed the rules wear the dunce’s hat.


Just saw that an Army Recruiting center was vandalized here in Milwaukee. Now, the ironic thing is, they claim war brews violence, and war breeds anger. Pretty sure those liberal commies are starting their own violence while smashing windows and writing graffiti.

What these hippy idiots don’t understand, is now we have to pay for those repairs in taxes. Although, they won’t pay for them, because they are non-working, pot smoking, stinky pathetic excuses for Americans.

Move to Canada like you promised… or is America just too nice?

Mr. Knowledge

Agility and mobility

China is gearing up for the Olympic games and so are many athletes. For athletes, agility and mobility are considered good skills to have. However, in Washington. D.C., they can be detrimental to the public good because agility and mobility are what makes a “good” politician!

Consider Senator Obama and his pseudo-attempts to squash the story about his relationship and ties to his now “defrocked” and debunked minister.

Obama has tried to repudiate the minister without actually insulting the man. After all, the minister can deliver many votes in Chicago, an essential city to winning Illinois. It is highly unlikely that Obama did not accept the minister’s help in first being elected and everyone knows that Obama still counts on the minister’s support for the Presidential election. It is only as some of these stories leak that Obama has begun to feel the pressure and the need to repudiate people he previously has called mentors.

So, Obama must find some method of still accepting the minister’s help and, at the same time, distance himself from the man’s un-American attitude. Here are some sample justifications. Well, he didn’t personally hear those remarks. This after being a member of the church for 20 years. Well, he did get married there, and his children were baptized there, but he didn’t hear those remarks. Well, he did attend the church fairly regularly, but he didn’t hear those remarks.

These explanations are so labored that even the true believers should begin to quetion Obama’s past and what he actually believes. But, that is even more unlikely than Obama’s rationalizations. His supporters will stick with him better than rosin on a gymnast’s hands. Obama’s routine has suffered a “misstep”, but, with the help of Democrats, he has been quick to recover his balance. He is more like the floor gymnasts who twist and twirl their way across the mat and then back again with each step carefully choreographed and placed for maximum effect than he is to the honest, upright man I previously believed him to be.

So, hurrah for anyone who can get a straight answer out of Obama. His political agility and mobility will probably move him right into the White House. But, some of us former fans do not intend to let his false starts go unnoticed. It’s a marathon to the White House and some of us are hoping to keep him out of the “pack”.

Let the games begin!

Well.. duh

So they’re going to be tougher, huh? Why not be tough now? For all those people who went willy nilly and bought something they shouldn’t have, make them pay for it. If I was one of those people who don’t plan financially, I should have bought a house a few years ago. Heck, the government would have bailed me out when I cry, because it’s not the banks right to steal the house. I mean, do they think they loaned it to me.

There’s always a risk in taking out a loan, and that’s the way it goes. If you couldn’t afford it, you shouldn’t keep it. Let’s not just put this into effect and proactively enforce it, let’s retoactively do this.

Mr. Knowledge

Does The Glove Fit?

I know a doctor personally, and he says that the only way he can find out about new drugs and treatments, is by the drug companies doing things like this. I’m real sure that he prescribes treatments because he gets a pad and some pens (sarcasm).

If this is the way that politicians want to hold doctors, let’s hold them to the same level. No more money from special interest groups to support campaigns, because that affects their voting. I’m sick and tired of these politicians, Democratic AND Republican, who do one thing with their left hand, and with their right, they break those same rules.

Similarly with this, why are they ‘above’ the law? I realize the whole reason it was implemented years ago, so that Legislative was not overrun by the Judicial branch of the government, but what some of these people do is sick. We need representation of the people, not some big shot lobbiest who doesn’t know anything.

Mr. Knowledge