Does The Glove Fit?

I know a doctor personally, and he says that the only way he can find out about new drugs and treatments, is by the drug companies doing things like this. I’m real sure that he prescribes treatments because he gets a pad and some pens (sarcasm).

If this is the way that politicians want to hold doctors, let’s hold them to the same level. No more money from special interest groups to support campaigns, because that affects their voting. I’m sick and tired of these politicians, Democratic AND Republican, who do one thing with their left hand, and with their right, they break those same rules.

Similarly with this, why are they ‘above’ the law? I realize the whole reason it was implemented years ago, so that Legislative was not overrun by the Judicial branch of the government, but what some of these people do is sick. We need representation of the people, not some big shot lobbiest who doesn’t know anything.

Mr. Knowledge

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