Teaching a Lesson

As a teacher, I was never fond of punishing the entire class for the misbehaviour of one student. However, that is just what is happening in two very important areas — one economic and one political .

Because some investment brokerages (they are financial institutions, but NOT BANKS) have made poor loans, now the entire financial industry is paying the price. The money we banks paid the Fed to run and regulate our industry — that of Banking — is now bailing out a completely separate institution. And, Congress is already agitating for MORE regulation of ALL financial institutions! Believe me, banks are already highly regulated and, in fact, did not make the loans that are now causing such alarm in “high places”. But, because one “student” has made a mistake, all of us will suffer.

Secondly, the Democratic party is fighting itself about who will win the nomination for the Presidency. The controversy between whether the popular vote or the delegate vote takes the prize is up in the air, despite the rules being quite clear that having the superior number of delegates means “you” win.

Now, Senator Nelson of Florida has proposed throwing out the entire election system for the Presidential race, i.e., creating regional primaries and eliminating the electoral college! He seems to feel that the mistakes of the Democratic party should somehow influence not only how all primaries are run, but how the entire country votes!!!!

Once again, someone wants to punish everyone for the misbehaviour of “one” student.

Maybe it is time to teach the powers that be to scrutinize ONLY the misbehaving parties, not all of us. Most of us are following the rules and don’t need time-outs. Let those who have not followed the rules wear the dunce’s hat.

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