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Democrats — Perfecting Name Calling

So, the media is reporting that President Trump criticized his political opponents while he was overseas. And, that his criticism is a “bad” thing.

What hypocrites!

Why was Pelosi not criticized for saying she wanted President Trump in jail………….while he was overseas commemorating D Day?

Why was it okay on President Trump’s other overseas trips to call him names and to argue against almost everything he said or did? When Obama was President, anyone who even discussed his policies while he was overseas was categorized as racist. Why does that standard not continue to be applied now?

Back when legislators at least tried to be statesmanlike, the policy of both parties was that NO ONE criticized the President while he was out of the country. But, the Democrats have no shame. While they can try to justify all their insults, innuendoes, and downright libelous comments, the rest of us understand that they are just politicians who have perfected name calling. The Democrats do very little that is perfect, but they certainly have excelled in casting aspersions on Trump and on creating conspiracy theories about not only him, but also about his family! Those outrageous insults of our President continue despite the harm it does to our country.

Lately, the Democrats’ party has become a hateful, and harmful, force in America. They refuse to work for the betterment of all Americans. They probably don’t have enough time because, of course, most of the Democrats are busy running for President instead of doing their job of being Senators or Congressmen. Their intentions are to make as much trouble and turmoil for our President as they possibly can regardless of how that affects us.

No President has been as vilified nor attacked as much as President Trump. He is a man of strong character who has stood tall and maintained his allegiance to his job as President. That job is to make America great again which he is doing. Despite the Democrats’ animus toward him, he has lowered the unemployment rate to the lowest it has been in years He has encouraged a spirit of “can do” again in America. He has promoted the welfare of America in general, improved the morale of our military, and worked for the betterment of every American with his policies of America First.

If there is any name calling to be done, let’s give Trump the names he deserves…………………..because………..he is Energetic, Proud to be an American, Smart, and, yes, a Decent Man.

That would be truly perfecting name calling.