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Farakhan — inciting insurrection and sedition?

Louis Farakhan has been an activist against America for many years.   He believes in a “Nation of Islam” which, by its very nature,  runs contrary to the best interests of America.   His words and actions show his contempt for American law and he is known for advocating in favor of actions which, by any other person, would be considered a form of insurrection, if not a treasonable offence.

Now, he is promoting the creation of a powerful “army”  FOR THE NATION OF ISLAM…..NOT for the United States of America.  With such a powerful, underworld militia, he could, and would, override the legal authorities in America.

One of the major problems with a militia like this is that it would be under Farakhan’s control, not our Constitutionally elected government.  It would be in direct opposition to America’s best interests.  It’s a tricky move because, by separating  Black gang members who already feel disenfranchised from average Americans, Farakhan is once again, segregating Blacks from other Americans.  This militia can only be considered a subversion of American law.

A second problem with forming these illegal militia is that these gang members  are already violent and out of control.  Their violent behaviour frequently is reported.  So why would anyone believe that these criminal elements could suddenly metamorphose into upstanding American citizens….just because Farakhan would be their new Commander?   The answer is that they would NOT.

Why is this type of insurrection not prosecuted?

It begins at the highest levels of our government.  The sad truth is that the Constitution of our country is being relentlessly subverted every day by an administration in Washington that writes new laws, without Congressional approval, and routinely ignores  the laws of our country.  These illegal actions are then glossed over by the media who seem to believe that being Black justifies or excuses any activity, whether that activity is legal or not.  Remember the Black Panthers who kept white voters from voting?  Remember the lady who voted at least twice for Obama, and now, it might have been 6 times?  Remember the fear that if Governor Romney had been elected, the Blacks would riot?  Never was there a fear that the “Whites” would riot if Obama were re-elected.  In the eyes of the media, crime is no longer a function of breaking American law, it is a judgment call, based on whether you are a member of some ethnic minority.  And, if you are a minority, the laws apparently do NOT apply to you in the same way they apply to the rest of us.

We know that the Constitution explicitly denies using ethnicity in judging crime.  Equality under the Law does NOT forgive a crime just because the criminal is of a certain ethnic group.  So, isn’t it time for everyone to comply with ALL the laws of our country?  Isn’t it time to remember that all of us are supposed to be equal and that no one, even a minority, is given “special” rights?  Isn’t it time to expose and prosecute any and all people who are committing criminal acts?

Many of us  — White, Black, Asian, you-name-it — want Justice that focuses on the criminal act itself.   We want people like Farakhan who are publicly advocating against American laws to be held accountable.  There can be no waivers for such behaviour.  Farakhan’s latest effort to mobilize gangs into virtual armies of Islam within the United States is just his latest effort to incite unauthorized groups to implement Farakhan’s version of what the law in America should be.

It’s past time to prosecute such outrageous threats against our country.  If the laws of our country are equally applied, Farakhan must be prosecuted for attempting to raise a militia against American interests.


Should all Popes speak Italian?

Pope Benedict is stepping down next week and the world is anxious to meet the new Pope.  Speculation is running rampant on possible candidates with the media daily weighing in on who could be, and why some shouldn’t be.  Because  only the Cardinals know who “might” be — and they aren’t talking — all the nattering by the pundits is annoying, especially considering that many of them are non-Catholics.

So, who should be our new Pope?  What kind of man is best to lead the Church?  Of course, there are obvious attributes that a Pope needs.  The man must be well versed in spiritual matters and be fiercely loyal to the Roman Catholic Church.  He should be a man who can unite people worldwide and one who is filled with compassion.  Among other men, Cardinal Dolan of New York has these characteristics.

Why then is the media so opposed to Cardinal Dolan assuming St. Peter’s chair?

The most frequently offered  reason is that Cardinal Dolan does not speak foreign languages — especially not Italian!  Oh, my!  Imagine not speaking Italian!

Well, as an American Catholic, I think it is past time for an American to be Pope.  We are the most generous nation in the world!  We have proven ourselves over and over as  ready to defend innocnets against aggressive dictators.  Two world wars have been won thanks to the sacrifices of American men and women.  We have shared our economic success with everyone through foreign aid.  In fact, many countries owe their current status to the generous support of America.  Even diseases, such as AIDS, have benefited from the research funded by America and individual Americans.

The real reason that Europeans scorn the idea of an American Pope really has nothing to do with whether America has Cardinals worthy enough to assume Peter’s chair.  No, the real reason is cultural arrogance!  Europeans assume that only one of “them” could possibly be talented enough, learned enough, and intelligent enough to be Pope.

Is it really so vital to be Italian, or European?

Whether Cardinal Dolan is European or not should be immaterial.  Whether he speaks Italian should also be immaterial.  What SHOULD matter is that Cardinal Dolan is a man who understands people.  He is a man who is comfortable within himself and with everyone who surrounds him.

Whether God chooses to annoint Cardinal Dolan as our next Pope is unknown.  However, with all his sterling qualities, Cardinal Dolan is a man who would wear St. Peter’s robes well.

Sesame Street: Catholics, Jews, Libs


Ala Sesame Street’s “Which of these is not like the others” song, the first answer is that they are all “true believers”.

Catholic and Jewish people all believe in the supremacy of God.

Libs believe in the supremacy of themselves and their own, slanted opinions.

The second reason that  Catholics and Jews are the same is that  they are always insulted, denigrated, and blamed for a multitude of problems…..and no one seems to care!

Libs, on the other hand,  are different because they believe they have the right to insult Catholics and Jews over and over.

Even though there is child abuse found in members of every religion,  blame the Catholics when the Pope steps down.

Even though some people who profess faith in the Muslim church routinely make sex slaves of children, are willing to behead people, stone women for purported lapses of moral behaviour, you will NOT find Piers Morgan, or Soledad O’Brian finding fault with these horrific instances of evil.  Oh, no, it is much easier to pick on Catholics or Jews because that is politically correct in today’s skewed media.

So, maybe the question is NOT which of the three is not like the others.  It is obvious that Libs, at least many of those in the media, are hateful, vindictive people who spread ill will like a farmer spreads manure on the field.  The DIFFERENCE is that farmers are improving the land while Libs are creating dissension, hate and distrust throughout the American landscape.

Maybe the question should be  WHY are Libs so different from people of the Catholic and Jewish faith?

The answer, I believe, is that Libs are caught up in the false notion that they truly know everything and that they have the right to make everyone follow their own, misbegotten philosophies.  Libs truly are LIEberals who lie and distort the news in the hopes of obliterating any opposing viewpoint.

We Catholics and the Jewish people might not have all the answers.  But, at least, we are trying to live our lives in accordance with a moral code that treats all others with the dignity and respect that we ourselves hope to earn.  Libs have few, rational answers, and yet they continue on their downward slide into dishonesty and, yes, libelous repetition of lies just to “have their own way.”

If Libs were children, we might wash their mouths out with soap.  At the very least, we would give them a time out.  However, because these Libs are not children, albeit acting childishly, we have to speak up ourselves on matters of faith and respect for other religions.  Trashing the Pope when he steps down is NOT the mark of an adult.  It is a gang of bullies jumping on their classmate when he falls.  Trashing the Pope is insecurity cloaked in ill will struggling to appeal to people of ill will.    Trashing the Pope is a sign of intolerance and frankly, reflects badly on those bigots, and NOT on Pope Benedict who has tried to live as his Faith taught him.