Monthly Archives: May 2021

Love it or leave it!

That’s Scar-boo-rough’s advice for those who have questions about the integrity of the 2020 election results.

Unfortunately for Joe, he is purposely misunderstanding what many of us are demanding and he uses the same diversionary lies that Lie-berals have employed for years. 

Americans complaining about the errors, and, yes, cheating, that occurred in the 2020 Presidential election are NOT complaining about our Republic.  We are trying to correct the unfair practices that occurred.  Americans who question the last Presidential election want to restore our Democracy with fair elections.   

Joe, you are being unAmerican because you refuse to accept that those with views diametrically opposed to yours have the right to express their opinions. You want to suppress those who would argue with you because that is far easier than facing differing viewpoints. Democrats, unfortunately, are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to maintain their political power. Scarborough is part of that crooked crowd.

They lie about the election being fairly counted.

They cheated by rigging the times people could vote.

And, they stole the election by changing election laws and by stopping the counting in certain states AND, by not letting an independent agency have access to the ballot boxes and voting machines. They used the Covid crisis to convince election officials that the rules, and counting, had to be done differently than the law provides.

So, Joe, we are NOT arguing against America.   We are arguing FOR America because only fair elections can restore the integrity of our elections. 


In America, Freedom of Speech is our Constitutional Right. 

And, if you, Joe Scarborough do not believe in Freedom of Speech, it is you who should leave the Republic.