Monthly Archives: February 2020


It’s interesting to hear the Democrats try to spin their impeachment of President Trump into a conviction. “He’ll always be impeached!”, they vigorously shout.

Yes, that’s true.

And, of course, he’ll always be acquitted…..that is, innocent!

Impeachment is NOT a conviction. It is an accusation brought by the House; and, unfortunately, in this instance, by a completely partisan vote in the House. It is not a conviction. That is why an impeachment does NOT make a person guilty.

In America, a prosecutor can bring charges against someone, anyone. BUT, that person is still presumed innocent until a court convicts that person.

The impeachment process begins with the House bringing charges against the President. And, just like every other American, the President starts out with the presumption of INNOCENCE.

The U.S. Senate adjudicates the charges and, in this matter, voted to ACQUIT, thus proving the President was NOT GUILTY.

So, President Trump was innocent when impeachment began. He was innocent throughout the Senate trial. And, after the Senate voted to acquit him, President Trump remained INNOCENT.

If the House Managers, lawyers themselves, truly accept how our legal system works and how the process of impeachment is carried out, they know that President Trump was, and is, innocent. They can spin it any way they want. They can mutter in their sleep and on tv — as Nancy Pelosi did — but, the fact remains that the President is innocent of any wrong doing. And, the millions of dollars and hundreds of hours wasted in concocting meaningless charges simply to bring an impeachment do not change the end result ……………….PRESIDENT TRUMP IS INNOCENT.

Just like you or me………….innocent, innocent, innocent.