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Biden, the plagiarist, and his best buddy, President Obama……

A.  So, Vice President Biden is now giving advice to the Republican party about how to handle the current fiscal crisis.  Not surprisingly, he wants the Republicans to acquiesce to the Democrats’ plan AND, he wants to hector Senator Cruz.  NOT a surprise!

B.   What might surprise the public is learning that Biden is a known plagiarist — so, does his advice, especially in written form, have any value?  Unlikely.

During his first year there, he was accused of having plagiarized 5 of 15 pages of a law review article. Biden said it was inadvertent due to his not knowing the proper rules of citation, and he was permitted to retake the course after receiving an ‘F’ grade, which was subsequently dropped from his record.[25] He received his Juris Doctor in 1968,[26] graduating 76th of 85 in his class.[24] He was admitted to the Delaware Bar in 1969.[26]

He was NOT a particularly good student, preferring to lolly-gag, rather than sticking to either academics or sports.  So, is what he thinks a scholarly analysis of the situation?  Unlikely.

Biden attended the University of Delaware in Newark, where he was more interested in sports and socializing than in studying….

But, he must have done something to earn the right to be a Senator, and then the Vice President.  Unlikely and, in fact, untrue.

Biden received five student draft deferments during this period, with the first coming in late 1963 and the last in early 1968, at the peak of the Vietnam War.[27] 

C.   Gee.  Biden was a poor student who plagiarized and then, “fought off” his opportunity to serve in the Military.

So, there are the ABCs for  Vice President Biden.  And, here’s another.  He gets an “F” for flubbing all those speeches he gave with false information and just plain stupid comments.  Is there any good news?  Well, with his dubious past, and lack of any credentials to understand the consequences of Obama-scare, Biden has the same, basic resume as our current President!  Best buddies and neither one with a clue how to run our wonderful country!  

Who hates whom?

Years ago, we were targeted by a man who decided we were bad people.  We weren’t bad according to him because we had stolen money, nor because we were violent.  No, he told everyone he could that we were bad because OUR IDEAS DID NOT MATCH HIS OWN THEORIES!

As a result, he wrote nasty letters to our customers and, did everything he could to hurt us on a personal and financial level.

We were furious.  We wanted to return tit for tat and explain to our neighbors that this man was wrong in so many ways.  But, once the first flush of anger passed, we realized that  we had based our decision on valid facts and we would NOT stoop to his level.  Besides, my husband added,  “Consider the source”.

Unfortunately, this man did great damage to us and our reputation and it has taken more than 20 years to rebuild the trust that we had established between our customers and even our friends and neighbors.   It has been a long journey for us and all because one man believed he had the right to label someone else and to call names!I see the same abusive name-calling from Democrats.  They somehow believe that, if they call Conservatives, or anyone who opposes Obama-scare, enough names (nazi, terrorist,unpatriotic, among others) that the mudwilleventually disguise the failures of Obama-scare.  The latest proof of how puerile and vicious Democrats can be is this quote.

“Your hate for this president is coming before your love of this country,” said Rep. David Scott, D-Ga. “Because if you love this country you would not be closing it down.”


Just because someone disagrees with you about the validity of a theory or even a law does NOT make them hate the President!  Just because the American people are rejecting the concept of Obama-scare more each day as they learn how awful the consequences of this law will be does NOT make them hate the President!  Just because those of us who reject the notion that the government should redistribute wealth and become everyone’s nanny does NOT mean we hate the President.

Democrats, led by President Obama, have been ramping up their name-calling and fear-mongering, in order to justify a law which has no justification.  There are many other approaches that would improve health care in the United States that do NOT require a government take-over of the entire system and punitive retributions from the IRS, all in the name of “helping the American people.”

And, I wish all Democrats would stop throwing out those ridiculous canards all in the name of justifying this insane law.  For example, anyone — gay, black, blue, white, bisexual — can name someone to help them with their health needs.  There is NO reason a gay partner cannot be with his/her partner.  All they need to do is have a signed form authorizing that partner access to the hospital room and records.  There is NO reason insurance companies couldn’t be required to cover pre-existing conditions and kids until they are 26.  There is absolutely NO reason we shouldn’t be able to buy health insurance from another state’s insurance company, IF the law said so.

These are the false claims that Democrats bring up to drum up support for national health care.  NONE OF THEM ARE REASONS FOR OBAMA-SCARE.  EACH ISSUE COULD BE DEALT WITH ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS.

So, among other problems with the Democrats’ rhetoric is that they have based their justifications for Obama-scare on false conditions.  Democrats have subdued any opposing voices by frightening the American public into fearing insurance companies and an uncertain future.  The truth is that Democrats seem to lie whenever it suits them.  They misdirect the focus of the taxpayer by lying and calling names.  They bribe their own legislative members, and unions,  and now, large corporations, by creating waivers so that these interest groups do not pay the same price as the rest of us Americans.

Lying, cheating, bribing, and calling names are poor negotiating tools ;  but, Democrats are past caring whether these actions are fair, moral, or just.  All Democrats care about is “winning”.  So, Democrats create divisions among us because “united we stand, divided we fall”.  Democrats create unrealistic expectations to pass legislation by promising their interest groups  that someone else will pay. Democrats, in general, are like a pack of wolves that circle, and destroy as they prowl.

Representative Scott claims that anyone opposing Obama-scare hates the President.  That is the biggest lie of all.  Republicans do not, cannot, and will never agree with the government taking over health care.  However, they reacted the same way when President Clinton tried the same thing.  It is not a question of hating a person, but hating the issue.  Who the President is at the time is irrelevant.   What is relevant is the issue.If someone lied to you, cheated on you, and then, called names, you might say that they hate you.  That is what the Democrats are doing to Americans.

It’s time that Democrats  stop being childish and having public tantrums.  In short, stop calling names and get together with everyone to try to negotiate a compromise that works for the American people!

It’s “put up or shut up” time in Washington, D.C.   And, if you didn’t already understand, you Democrats, stop that name-calling!


Who is shutting down the government?

Once again, thanks to the Media’s yen to promote anything Obamaesque, the true facts of whether the government will shut down or not, whose fault it would be, and why it might shut down, are not being relayed to the American public.

So, here are a few facts:

A.     The House bill was adulterated by the Senate and sent back to the House.  The House offered a compromise that:  1–delays the start of Obama-scare for individuals;  2 — fully funds the Military, no matter how negotiations evolve;  does NOT SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT, but offers a continuing resolution.

B.    The Republican-controlled House has repeatedly sought to work with President Obama and the Senate, but Harry Reid has not only refused to consider anything the House passes, but publicly excoriates anything Conservatives believe.  The House has passed numerous bills and, even before the vote is taken, President Obama and Senator Reid expound on how they will NOT accept anything that the House sends over.

C.    The Media is trying to misconstrue the facts so that, if the government shuts down, Republicans will be blamed!  In fact, NOT ONE REPUBLICAN has supported shutting down the government.  The ONLY people talking about shutting down the government are President Obama and the Democrats.  Here are just a few of the comments by President Obama, and Democrats to prove that the potential shut down of government will be the fault of the Democrats because Democrats have refused to work with the House.  (Ironically, Obama will talk with the leader of radial islamist Iran, but NOT the United States House of Representatives!)

D.  Here are paraphrased comments from the Democrats who profess to NOT want a government shut-down;  but, are doing everything in their power to shut down the government so they can blame Republicans:

1 –I will NOT negotiate with Congress (President Obama).

                         2  — We will NOT accept this bill if the House adds anything! (Schumer)

                                3 —   The Republicans are using extortion to get their way. (Obama, again.)

So, who is really trying to shut down the government?  Well, if you refuse to negotiate (Obama and Harry Reid), continually call Conservative names (Schumer and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi), it kind of sounds as though the Democrats are at fault.

Republicans WANT a budget.

Republicans WANT a continuing resolution.

Republicans WANT middle class Americans to have the same benefits as Congress, and the big businesses have been granted through waivers.

Who is shutting down the government?

The Democrats and President Obama.  That’s who!


For all those of us who are against Obama-scare, I say “hurrah” for Ted Cruz!  At least he had the courage to stand up, literally and figuratively, to fight the establishment in Washington on Obama-scare.

Cruz-ing with Cruz might mean the end of that fearsome health care fiasco.

So,  Cruz on!

Dem’s Dirty Tricks

The latest political controversy in Washington is whether Republicans will be able to defund Obama-scare in the budget process.

It surprises no one that President Obama, Senator Reid, Representative Pelosi,  and Obama’s Democrat minions, are using their dirtiest tricks to counter the Republicans though NOT by bragging up Obama-scare!  Nope.  Instead of discussing what they see as the merits of the health plan, Democrats instead are lambasting Republicans and the 53% of Americans who do NOT support the program!

It’s a shame that Democrats don’t have enough respect for American taxpayers to try to logically explain their position.  It’s a shame that Democrats would rather use cheap shots and impugn the integrity of Republicans.  It’s a shame that the media — CBS, ABC, MSNBC, NBC……..well, you know the ones —  won’t report the facts;  but, rather choose to play politics and follow the Democrats’ party line.

But, even worse is that Republicans are accused of trying to shut down the government, “just” to get their way over Obama-scare.  Democrats claim that Republicans refuse to work with them.  Democrats claim that anyone who opposes Obama-scare just doesn’t understand the facts!

So, let’s look at the some of these “facts” .

1.  Obama claims that implementing Obama-scare won’t raise our premiums nor our taxes.

Even a child knows that he might have enough allowance to buy himself a popsickle…and, maybe one for a friend.  But, that child also knows that the same allowance will NOT buy popsickles for all the kids in his entire city.

In the same way, adding health benefits for MORE people, and not requiring them all to pay their “fair share”  can NEVER decrease costs!  Plus,  the increase in IRS people being hired is going to be a huge burden on those Americans who actually pay taxes.

2.  Obama accuses Republicans of playing hostage with the budget and……..calls them dirty names.

Actually, the Senate is supposed to present a budget on a regular basis and they HAVE NOT PRESENTED A BUDGET FOR YEARS!  The Continuing Resolutions have been necessary because the Senate, CONTROLLED BY DEMOCRATS,  has NOT fulfilled their legislative duty.

3.  Obama accuses Republicans of not acting in good faith because they won’t fall in line with what he wants!

Republicans have a different view of issues.  That is why there are two parties, of course.  Why should Republicans be called dastardly names because they are standing firm to their own principles and also with what the majority of Americans seem to want?

4.  Obama accuses the Republicans of wanting to “shut down the government” because they won’t agree to his demands.

Actually, the Republican House has presented a financial worksheet that includes expenditures for EVERYTHING, BUT OBAMA-SCARE!


5.  Obama claims that the Republicans are unreasonable because they are holding fast to their opposition to Obama-scare.

In fact, Obama is being unreasonable.  The budget has always been a negotiated document.  There is nothing new in any party just insisting that the budget be a compromise and NOT just a document for the President to rubber stamp.  Obama is the one who has publicly stated he is not willing to negotiate with Republicans.  So, he is the one actually trying to shut down the government. 

Obama’s latest accusations and campaign style rhetoric are NOT helpful in bringing the two sides together.  Far from being a President who unifies the country, or even the Congress, he is the President who has divided us from our friends and neighbors by promising free benefits to his political friends and making his political opponents pay the bill.  He has divided Americans by promoting a purported racial divide among us when most Americans simply want the freedom to pursue their own view of Life and Liberty.  And, now, he is willing to shut down the government just to “get his way”.  And, if Americans suffer due to a shut down, he’ll fall back to the typical, dirty tricks that he has always used……..he’ll blame the Republicans!

What a dirty shame!





Syrious Business!

Freedom and Democracy are basic to America’s existence.  These key features of America have enhanced the lives of millions of the poor  And, because Freedom and Democracy are so intrinsic to everyone’s success, America promotes these concepts every chance we have.

That explains why, over the years, America has spent untold trillions to dislodge dictators.  We have sacrificed countless, brave souls to gain Freedom and Democracy for people in far-away lands.  America has always been the first, and best, bulwark against oppression.

And, yet, now, thanks to President Obama and his wishy-washy,  ambivalent approach to Syria’s problems, Russian President Putin feels free to claim America is NOT exceptional.  And, Putin is using the doubts that Obama’s inaction have created as a backdrop in which to challenge everything America says or does.  And, what does President Obama do in the face of Putin’s challenges?

You would think that Obama would send out a stinging retort!  Nope.  You would think that Obama would tell the Russkies  to stay out of the Mediterranean with their ships.  Nope.  You would think that Obama would tell the Russians to take their weapons out of Syria and JUST GO HOME!  Nope.

Instead, we have a President who vacillates.  He can’t decide if America should punish Syria’s Assad or “talk-’em-into-agreement” .   The longer he hesitates, the worse the problem becomes. As a professor, you would think that Obama might remember and undeerstand America’s history with Russia, and other dictators.  If he did, he could learn howPresident Kennedy, who  faced the same situation, responded.  Kennedy’s response to Russian weapons in Cuba was an unqualified “GET OUT” to Kruschev.

Obama’s failures are adding up, and like the snowball rolling down hill and gaining strength and size, his lack of leadership will cause other countries to continue to become more aggressive and less amenable to following America’s lead.  Obama’s failure to deal with Egypt’s problems, the Benghazi massacre of Americans, and now, Syria, is diminishing America’s influence in the world and……..thus, reducing our safety.  We need a President who speaks forcefully and carries out his own statements.  We need a strong military to keep us safe because  a strong American military is the only measure Russia, China, and the rest of the world understand.

So, President Obama should stop playing games, including golf and basketball, and get down to the business of defending America and its interests.  He had better take care of the NSA, CIA, Benghazi, and other scandals before cruising out for more golf and basketball, or yet another, expensive vacation with his family and dogs!  American safety is not a game and Obama had better start doing his job as America’s President, NOT the World’s Greatest Talking Head of State!

Here’s a scoop for Obama.  Syria, along with all the Mid-East and other scandals,  is NOT something trivial to be dealt with in your spare time.  Syria is Syrious business!

Dear UN,

Dear UN,

Whatever made you think that we care one iota about your opinion on the George Zimmerman case?  This entire issue was ginned up by a media, complicit with President Obama…..all of whom hoped they could find a scandal and use racism to foment trouble.  Unfortunately for them, you, and President Obama, it turns out that it was NOT a white against black situation.   Oh, dear.  No racism?  That was a difficult day for you race-baiters, wasn’t it?

But, just like those racist fear-mongerers, you misunderstand the American legal system.  We believe that someone is innocent UNLESS convicted by a court.  The media doesn’t get to vote on the verdict, no matter how hard they try to influence the jurors’ decision.  We trust that the jury, a group of Americans, will do their best to find a fair decision.  They found him innocent of ALL charges, so, Mr. Zimmerman is, was, and always has been, innocent!

Now, you are “demanding” our government re-adjudicate the case.  Well, it will be news to you;  BUT, as non-Americans, NO ONE at the UN is approved for jury duty, AND,  you have no standing to question what an American jury decides.  So, please, just sit tight in the housing provided by American taxpayers…..enjoy the privileges and Freedom that our American military has paid for, many with their lives……. and, butt out!

You are merely  a conglomeration of  arrogant, and self-serving representatives who live high on the hog, courtesy of the American taxpayer and, yet…… assume that, just because you are living in our wonderful country, that you have the right to criticize what America says, does, or thinks.  Well, think again!  Be aware that YOUR PLACE is NOT in our country, and even less in our court system. You are a GUEST IN THIS COUNTRY!

In fact, anytime you feel the urge to go home, please do so.  Many of us Americans are sick of all of you parasites anyway .  You  pompously flout our American laws using diplomatic immunity yet feel free to criticize the very society that provides you with the good life.  You support dictators while at the same time you badger us for more money and humanitarian aid.  What hypocrites!

Keeping that in mind, remember that YOU ARE NOT Americans and have no right to demand anything of our government, our courts, or our decisions.  If you want to influence a country, go home and try to fix your OWN country because,  your opinions are not welcome here.

A fed-up American,

Down home in Fly-Over Country!



Less “bang” for the buck

For those of us who insisted that Senator Obama was too inexperienced to be President, the current fiasco of whether to bomb Syria  is not a surprise.

Obama’s holier-than-thou attitude toward those of us who believe that freedom depends upon being stronger than your opposition, his policy of appeasement in bowing to every foreign leader he met, his lengthy speeches denigrating our great country and his dismantling of our military might,  were only a prelude to future problems.  And, Syria is just one of those problems that Obama’s inexperience has created.

His inexperience shows, among many areas,  in how he deals with foreign countries.  Russia, whom Obama assumed would fall victim to his own great charm, now opposes everything we propose to control Syria.   China warns us not to meddle in Syria.  Even the tin pot dictators in Syria, and their legions of thugs, mock us.  Could our stature as a world power be diminished any further?  Oh, yes,  even the UN — that hot bed of  self-serving intelligentsia that we support financially — has decided that THEY will tell us IF we can bomb Syria!

Now, America faces a paradox.  Would it be best to bomb Syria so Iran knows we mean business?  Would it be better to NOT bomb Syria to prevent civilian casualties which are guaranteed in any bombing strike?

These are questions that America would NOT be facing if Obama hadn’t foolishly thought that he could persuade foreign countries to do his bidding if only he talked enough!  Remember that dictators only kow-tow to those they fear.

These are questions America would NOT be facing if Obama hadn’t tried to grand stand and create a Red Line.  Remember, if you draw a line in the sand, and the “other guy” steps over it, you had better be ready to fight.

These questions are the direct result of electing a completely unqualified man to the Presidency.  Remember, the truly great Presidents have been those men who were experienced in government, executive decisions, business, and the military.  Obama has NONE of those qualifications.

So, now, thanks to Obama,  we face a Hydra in the Middle East.  Bomb Syria and create uncertainty about which political segment will emerge victorious.  Don’t bomb Syria and embolden Iran and its nuclear program.  Let the UN with all its American fans decide what is right for America.  Let Russia and China push us around.  The only certainty is that  the result of Obama’s inexperience, hesitation, and uncertainty could well kill more American soldiers and definitely will kill Syrians….no matter what happens.

It is said that you get what you pay for.   Well, America has paid dearly and often for the follies of President Obama.   Syria is  just the latest of a long list and only time will tell how costly President Obama’s time in office will be for America.  But, one thing is certain.  With  Obama, America is getting far more talk and far less bang for its buck.