Less “bang” for the buck

For those of us who insisted that Senator Obama was too inexperienced to be President, the current fiasco of whether to bomb Syria  is not a surprise.

Obama’s holier-than-thou attitude toward those of us who believe that freedom depends upon being stronger than your opposition, his policy of appeasement in bowing to every foreign leader he met, his lengthy speeches denigrating our great country and his dismantling of our military might,  were only a prelude to future problems.  And, Syria is just one of those problems that Obama’s inexperience has created.

His inexperience shows, among many areas,  in how he deals with foreign countries.  Russia, whom Obama assumed would fall victim to his own great charm, now opposes everything we propose to control Syria.   China warns us not to meddle in Syria.  Even the tin pot dictators in Syria, and their legions of thugs, mock us.  Could our stature as a world power be diminished any further?  Oh, yes,  even the UN — that hot bed of  self-serving intelligentsia that we support financially — has decided that THEY will tell us IF we can bomb Syria!

Now, America faces a paradox.  Would it be best to bomb Syria so Iran knows we mean business?  Would it be better to NOT bomb Syria to prevent civilian casualties which are guaranteed in any bombing strike?

These are questions that America would NOT be facing if Obama hadn’t foolishly thought that he could persuade foreign countries to do his bidding if only he talked enough!  Remember that dictators only kow-tow to those they fear.

These are questions America would NOT be facing if Obama hadn’t tried to grand stand and create a Red Line.  Remember, if you draw a line in the sand, and the “other guy” steps over it, you had better be ready to fight.

These questions are the direct result of electing a completely unqualified man to the Presidency.  Remember, the truly great Presidents have been those men who were experienced in government, executive decisions, business, and the military.  Obama has NONE of those qualifications.

So, now, thanks to Obama,  we face a Hydra in the Middle East.  Bomb Syria and create uncertainty about which political segment will emerge victorious.  Don’t bomb Syria and embolden Iran and its nuclear program.  Let the UN with all its American fans decide what is right for America.  Let Russia and China push us around.  The only certainty is that  the result of Obama’s inexperience, hesitation, and uncertainty could well kill more American soldiers and definitely will kill Syrians….no matter what happens.

It is said that you get what you pay for.   Well, America has paid dearly and often for the follies of President Obama.   Syria is  just the latest of a long list and only time will tell how costly President Obama’s time in office will be for America.  But, one thing is certain.  With  Obama, America is getting far more talk and far less bang for its buck.

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