Syrious Business!

Freedom and Democracy are basic to America’s existence.  These key features of America have enhanced the lives of millions of the poor  And, because Freedom and Democracy are so intrinsic to everyone’s success, America promotes these concepts every chance we have.

That explains why, over the years, America has spent untold trillions to dislodge dictators.  We have sacrificed countless, brave souls to gain Freedom and Democracy for people in far-away lands.  America has always been the first, and best, bulwark against oppression.

And, yet, now, thanks to President Obama and his wishy-washy,  ambivalent approach to Syria’s problems, Russian President Putin feels free to claim America is NOT exceptional.  And, Putin is using the doubts that Obama’s inaction have created as a backdrop in which to challenge everything America says or does.  And, what does President Obama do in the face of Putin’s challenges?

You would think that Obama would send out a stinging retort!  Nope.  You would think that Obama would tell the Russkies  to stay out of the Mediterranean with their ships.  Nope.  You would think that Obama would tell the Russians to take their weapons out of Syria and JUST GO HOME!  Nope.

Instead, we have a President who vacillates.  He can’t decide if America should punish Syria’s Assad or “talk-’em-into-agreement” .   The longer he hesitates, the worse the problem becomes. As a professor, you would think that Obama might remember and undeerstand America’s history with Russia, and other dictators.  If he did, he could learn howPresident Kennedy, who  faced the same situation, responded.  Kennedy’s response to Russian weapons in Cuba was an unqualified “GET OUT” to Kruschev.

Obama’s failures are adding up, and like the snowball rolling down hill and gaining strength and size, his lack of leadership will cause other countries to continue to become more aggressive and less amenable to following America’s lead.  Obama’s failure to deal with Egypt’s problems, the Benghazi massacre of Americans, and now, Syria, is diminishing America’s influence in the world and……..thus, reducing our safety.  We need a President who speaks forcefully and carries out his own statements.  We need a strong military to keep us safe because  a strong American military is the only measure Russia, China, and the rest of the world understand.

So, President Obama should stop playing games, including golf and basketball, and get down to the business of defending America and its interests.  He had better take care of the NSA, CIA, Benghazi, and other scandals before cruising out for more golf and basketball, or yet another, expensive vacation with his family and dogs!  American safety is not a game and Obama had better start doing his job as America’s President, NOT the World’s Greatest Talking Head of State!

Here’s a scoop for Obama.  Syria, along with all the Mid-East and other scandals,  is NOT something trivial to be dealt with in your spare time.  Syria is Syrious business!

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