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Obama — a Slave to a Lie

Selma THEN — History.

Selma NOW  – a continuation of a false narrative.

Obama says that the White House was built by “us” — slaves!

Nothing could be further from the Truth….but, as my Dad used to say….it makes a good story!

Actually, the White House might have been built with blacks and they might have been slaves.  Every nation has had, and some still do have,  slaves.  Slavery was a shameful epoch which politicians trot out every time they want to create a divide between today’s Blacks and the rest of us Americans.  Obama relies on this Lie whenever he is in political difficulties.  And, with all the scandals that have evolved during his tenure, I can see why he would want to make Blacks think they are the aggrieved party and deserve MORE….of whatever. Class warfare and racist rhetoric have always been his bread and butter.

Still, it is unfair to label today’s Americans as racist for what happened before they were born.  Today, we are supposed to be ashamed of our ancestors for keeping slaves;  but, our grandparents lived in a different culture.  It is unfair to judge them by today’s standards.  And, through affirmative action, and the growth of our collective consciousness, Blacks have become an integral part of our country and culture.  There really are no limits to what ANY citizen can accomplish, if he/she only tries.  That is a Truth exemplified in many Blacks who have “made it” by their own efforts, and some through affirmative action.  Look at Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court Justice.  Look at Charles Payne of FOX Business Channel.  Look at Thomas Sowell, a highly regarded economist.  Look at all of the Blacks who have succeeded:  Condaleeze Rice;  Colin Powell;  Tiger Woods, etc. The list is endless.   There is  just no limit to what a person, of any color, can do in America.So, why perpetuate the myth that Blacks are still being discriminated against?  Well, it makes for an easy “out” for those who rely upon the Government to make others pay for what one person has failed to do.

Yes,  today’s generation of Blacks should be cognizant of their ancestors’ sacrifices.  And, yes, some of those ancestors were slaves.  However, today’s Black citizens are NOT, and NEVER HAVE BEEN slaves!   And, today’s Blacks did NOT build the White House.  Black citizens, like White citizens and Asian citizens and every other ethnic citizen, have accomplished great things in our country.  But, it is a LIE EXTRAORDINAIRE to claim that today’s Blacks live in the same culture as slaves did.  And, it is unfortunate that Obama continues to divide the nation into Black and White.  When he perpetuates that lie, he always continues the LIE  that being Black in America automatically means being a “have not” while  being White means you are not only a “have”, but that you have contributed to the suppression of Blacks.

When I was a child and faced adversity, my parents would tell me to “get over it and get on with it”.  Obama, who is the recipient of America’s largesse, should be telling all Americans, including Blacks, to “get over it and get on with it!”  He should NOT be dividing Blacks from Whites, just to get a political advantage.

So, saying that “WE”, meaning today’s Blacks, built the White House is not only laughable, but it is a LIE.

Harking back to Obama’s own words,  “If the White House was built, We  — TODAY’S BLACKSDID NOT BUILD IT.


The Unconstitutional United States Supreme Court

The Supreme court was created to make sure that everyone, including the President, Congress, and all citizens follow the Constitution.

They were to be the arbiters of what is “Constitutional” or what is “Unconstitutional”.

Instead, the Supreme Court is now a hotbed of political partisanship and worries about whether a law or executive order will “affect” our American citizens or, whether if , as Ruth Bader Ginsberg is quoted as saying,  “….the American people are ‘ready” for gay marriage”.

How far the Justices have come from the ideal of judging laws and issues, based on the simple criteria that the law or issue be consistent with the Constitution of the United States!

Now, Chief Justice Roberts worries about whether the court will be seen as partisan.

Ginsberg believes a law should stand because she perceives that the public is ready for it.

Kennedy worries about the impact of rejecting a law because of its impact upon health insurance companies!

While the decision as to whether some law is truly Constitutional might be difficult, that is the ONLY basis for either accepting or rejecting a new law.

So, Roberts and Ginsberg and Kennedy, please remember that you are to see if every new law reflects the intent of the Constitution.  Other factors, such as whether new laws have an economic or emotional impact upon Americans was NEVER to be the criteria upon which laws are judged!