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Republicans who should shut up and sit down

Some Republicans are more interested in furthering their careers than in helping Americans. Included in that self-serving group would be McCain, Graham, Rubio and that flaky Flake.  They have become the “face” of the anti-Trump group and will always find something that appeals to the Lieberal press.  These wannabee-famous politicians  don’t care that their insane comments and opinions are hurting the country by encouraging rampant disregard for our President.  Along with that slightly demented Bill Crystal, they present their perverted opinions as if those were the agenda that America voted for!  After all, there is a reason that President Trump won and that reason is that the vast majority of America agreed with HIS philosophy, NOT theirs.

Unfortunately, theirs is not a Country first mantra.  It is not even a Republican Party first.  It is a “me, me, me FIRST” attitude.

I understand that there are those who refuse to accept that President Trump was the choice of the American voters.  I understand that their noses are out of joint with jealousy that a non-politician succeeded where they did not.  I also understand that their tirades against everything Trumps says, or does, is allowing the Lieberals to foment dissension, disruption, and violence in our cities, states and countries.

As adults, even if they disagree with Mr. Trump, it is time to realize that their constant opposition to his agenda is hurting all of us.  As Republicans, they must understand that their posturing  gives comfort and aid to Democrats, like Schumer and Pelosi,  who build a false diatribe against Mr. Trump based on the complaints of the President’s own party.  Worse,  they further the Lieberal media’s agenda which is to destroy Trump and all things  Conservative.

So, knowing their actions are harmful, what happened to working together?  What happened to putting the Country’s welfare ahead of personal ambitions?  What happened to supporting President Trump’s restoring the rule of law in this country?

But, these arrogant politicians always side on whatever side is opposite Trump no matter what that other side foments.  They crave the media’s attention.  They love the sound of their own voice, especially if that voice can be on the evening news. Their narcissistic needs override all else.

How sad that voters believed these men were statesment, NOT politicians.

Pundits used to exclaim that the more Obama vacationed, the better it was for the country because he couldn’t harm the country if he were gone.  The same holds true for McCain, Rubio, Graham, and Flake.  If they just sit down and shut up, they will do less harm to America. What a lovely day that would be!

Fixing Obama-Scare…..


1…Obama-scare is weighing down the entire economy..

2…Obama-scare is little more than a wealth redistribution scheme.

3…Obama-scare is NOT improving health care in America.


1…Repeal the entire fiasco.

2…Allow Insurance Companies to sell ANYWHERE, including ACROSS STATE LINES!

3…Allow Americans to decide for themselves what to buy, from whom to buy, and when to buy.


1…Obama-Scare is NOT health care.  It is mandated, governmental control of our health INSURANCE.

2…Health insurance, like any other form of insurance, is meant to cover CATASTROPHIC EMERGENCIES.  It is NOT meant to cover every hang nail, immunization, or cough that occurs.

3…If Americans are responsible for their own health care, they will find the insurance that covers their OWN needs, not what some bureaucrat believes is needed by them.




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