Fixing Obama-Scare…..


1…Obama-scare is weighing down the entire economy..

2…Obama-scare is little more than a wealth redistribution scheme.

3…Obama-scare is NOT improving health care in America.


1…Repeal the entire fiasco.

2…Allow Insurance Companies to sell ANYWHERE, including ACROSS STATE LINES!

3…Allow Americans to decide for themselves what to buy, from whom to buy, and when to buy.


1…Obama-Scare is NOT health care.  It is mandated, governmental control of our health INSURANCE.

2…Health insurance, like any other form of insurance, is meant to cover CATASTROPHIC EMERGENCIES.  It is NOT meant to cover every hang nail, immunization, or cough that occurs.

3…If Americans are responsible for their own health care, they will find the insurance that covers their OWN needs, not what some bureaucrat believes is needed by them.




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