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It’s Black and White

It’s RACISM — Black versus  White………..ALWAYS…………..or, so politicians would have you believe.  But, is America really racist?  Some Blacks believe so.

While Democratic lawmakers place the lion’s share of the blame on Republicans for the state of affairs, they betray disappointment that more progress has not been made since the civil rights movement won its biggest victories.  

Asked whether the overall trajectory of race relations has been positive or negative in recent years, the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) paused for a moment.“Right after the election of the president, I would have thought it was going in a positive direction, but I am not so sure anymore,” she said. “I think we have lost ground as it relates to our tolerance of people who are different or people who we believe have not worked hard enough. You hear the language all the time on talk radio — the buzzwords, often primarily directed at low-income people and communities of color.


It’s sad that so many Black politicians universally attribute every evil to Whites, especially White Conservatives.  But, is it true that Republicans and White people, in general, are continuing to act with a racial bias?  And, if true,  shouldn’t you be able to prove it….I mean….with facts?   So, where is any proof of that claim?  Unfortunately for these Black proponents of racism, claims of racism by Republicans and Whites can’t be validated because, they are false!  In today’s America, most of us truly believe that all Americans are equal and have the right to equally pursue a better Life.  Yet, the never-ending claims of racism are buoyed and preserved by self-appointed,  self-serving shills such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and now, it seems, promoted by many of the Black spokespersons.

Why would anyone foment animosity and conflict between fellow Americans?  The answer is simple, and sad.  This mantra of racism has been, and continues to be, a method of continuing a division between Americans for political and monetary purposes.  There is NO  proof that Republicans and Whites are acting, feeling, or speaking in terms that disparage any ethnic group.  And, yet, even in the absence of such proof, the lunacy continues.  Because,  unless you can separate people into a distinct entity, such as Blacks, Whites, Unions, Government workers, etc., politicians have no convenient way of singling out a group and then, of doling out our tax dollars.  And, if you can’t label a group, how can you buy their votes?   So, despite the evidence to the contrary,  many Lieberals and Blacks continue to label all incidents which involve  a Black person as having been caused by racism, ONLY when it suits their philosophy of racism.    For example:

Race was NOT a factor in the verdict of innocence for George Zimmerman.  Yet, many in the Black community continue to believe it was.

Black teens kill an 88 year old, WHITE veteran, and no Black spokesperson voiced a claim that it was racist.

A young, black man has bludgeoned a 99 year old, WHITE woman, and neither Al Sharpton nor Jesse Jackson have spoken out against the violence.

A black doctor murders innocent black babies and the response by one black woman was to blame America because “no one cares if black babies are murdered!”  This is the kind of hogwash that creates anger and more violence.  It does nothing to protect black babies, nor white babies, nor purple babies.  Racial hatred is a potent weapon in the hands of a demagogue and few of the Black community hesitate to use hatred to further their own goals.

Such disregard for the facts makes it difficult to give credence to all the claims of Racism. While there might be cases of Racism, not every case involving a Black and White is a result of racial profiling or hatred.  In fact, many of the Black community’s problems are rooted in the Lieberal and Progressive thinking of the 1950 which continue even today.  Facts such as study after study showing that increasing welfare has HURT the Black community do not prevent  black politicians from continuing to promote the idea that conservatives are trying to “steal” the food out of the mouth of poor, black babies.  Even when the facts prove  the disparity in income and unemployment is INCREASING between black and white communities,  due to this welfare mentality, Black politicians and Lieberals blame conservatives when they speak of self-reliance.

It’s ironic that Conservatives believe that everyone, Black, White, or Hispanic, can, and should, be the masters of their own fate.  Some in the Black community seem to agree with Lieberals that Blacks are so helpless and hapless that ONLY THE GOVERNMENT CAN SAVE THEM!

If I were Black, I would resent that notion.  Heck, I’m a “White”……..kind of…………… and I resent that idea!

It’s time that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton  strive to lift up the Black communities, NOT drive them further into the control of the government.  It’s time that these Black snake-oil salesmen are revealed to be opportunistic and, often violent, people who DO NOT TRULY CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO INDIVIDUAL BLACK PEOPLE so long as their own personal goals are pursued.

Let’s improve everyone’s chances for Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of Happiness by getting the “bosses” in government out of our way.

It’s time for there to be ONE AMERICA, NOT Black Americans, African American Americans, Hispanic Americans, Japanese Americans.

It’s time for Americans to be Americans, period!

Why is Obama smiling?


Why is Obama smiling?

When droves of Americans no longer even hope to secure employment and drop out of those seeking employment….

When scandals abound — Benghazi; the Administration refusing to give information to Congressional committees;  Obamascare and the inability to impose any kind of intelligent organization to this catastrophic health scare plan;   the IRS spying on Americans;  the coordination of the CIA and FBI, and other governmental “initials”…..all to spy on AMERICANS;   the IRS prohibiting Conservative groups from their right to be non-profits;     countless political appointees who didn’t follow American laws, and yet, are installed in positions of power and influence;        lavish vacations for the big O and his family……..and friends…….AND,  reporters who cover the White House;      waivers for Unions, big political contributors (to Democrats, of course, especially Obama) ;     and anyone who can spell “Democrat”………………………..

Shouldn’t President Obama, and all of his administration, be FROWNING .………and working late at night to correct these scandals?

That’s what you would expect from an honest Administration or Congress.  In actuality, there is no need to concentrate on these scandals when  the NBC, ABC< MSNBC, ABC, and Obama’s other minions all  pretend that everything is hunky-dorey in America, and around the world.  No one contests Obama’s repeated lies, repeated omissions of facts, nor his repeated rewriting of his own History!


So, given that Obama has a license to say, do, spend, “go around Congress”, wouldn’t YOU be smiling, too?

News flash: CNN, NBC, an unpaid political advertisement, coming soon!

Well, not actually a news flash….in fact, it’s more of the same-old, same-old garbage that Lieberal media export all the time!

Except for a few, notable exceptions like FOX news, most of the  major networks are in bed with the Democrat party.   Scandals, if they might actually reflect the horrendous decisions by President Obama,  are routinely ignored or dismissed.  Did CNN cover the scandalous murder of Americans in Benghaz?  Not much.  What about other scandals, like the spying by the CIA and every other government agency on American citizens, political cronies nominated to positions of influence, the IRS crushing Conservative groups, the President’s expensive and constant vacations, voter intimidation by the Black Panthers, the DOJ’s constant scrutiny of Conservative states like Texas……..these scandals  are never front page news to these networks.  No, these networks push the Lieberal agenda….and, they push it hard!

That is why the head of AP news syndicate almost swooned when he introduced Obama several years ago.   It is why Amazon owner, Bezos, a fervant Obama supporter, can buy a newspaper and the DOJ does not even investigate whether this will produce a monopoly in the news media.  This bias is why Candy Crowley was the third “man” supporting the Democrat agenda in the Presidential debates of 2008………..and her network never reprimanded her.  Nor did any other lieberal media outlet even notice Crowley’s defense of an Obama lie BECAUSE SHE SUPPORTED THE PARTY LINE!  Media bias is so common that no one seems to notice it any more.

So, it is no surprise that these same, Lieberal networks will be showing the “Hillary Chronicles” .  Wow.  Free advertising to push yet another Democrat.

What is surprising is that Republicans have finally had enough of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and NBC “news” outlets fawning over Democrats.

In a letter to both NBC and CNN, RNC Chair Reince Priebus said that the Party will not allow either network to host primary debates if they go ahead with planned projects surrounding Hillary Clinton.

Congratulations to the Republican Party for standing up to the Lieberal  thugs at these networks.