News flash: CNN, NBC, an unpaid political advertisement, coming soon!

Well, not actually a news flash….in fact, it’s more of the same-old, same-old garbage that Lieberal media export all the time!

Except for a few, notable exceptions like FOX news, most of the  major networks are in bed with the Democrat party.   Scandals, if they might actually reflect the horrendous decisions by President Obama,  are routinely ignored or dismissed.  Did CNN cover the scandalous murder of Americans in Benghaz?  Not much.  What about other scandals, like the spying by the CIA and every other government agency on American citizens, political cronies nominated to positions of influence, the IRS crushing Conservative groups, the President’s expensive and constant vacations, voter intimidation by the Black Panthers, the DOJ’s constant scrutiny of Conservative states like Texas……..these scandals  are never front page news to these networks.  No, these networks push the Lieberal agenda….and, they push it hard!

That is why the head of AP news syndicate almost swooned when he introduced Obama several years ago.   It is why Amazon owner, Bezos, a fervant Obama supporter, can buy a newspaper and the DOJ does not even investigate whether this will produce a monopoly in the news media.  This bias is why Candy Crowley was the third “man” supporting the Democrat agenda in the Presidential debates of 2008………..and her network never reprimanded her.  Nor did any other lieberal media outlet even notice Crowley’s defense of an Obama lie BECAUSE SHE SUPPORTED THE PARTY LINE!  Media bias is so common that no one seems to notice it any more.

So, it is no surprise that these same, Lieberal networks will be showing the “Hillary Chronicles” .  Wow.  Free advertising to push yet another Democrat.

What is surprising is that Republicans have finally had enough of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and NBC “news” outlets fawning over Democrats.

In a letter to both NBC and CNN, RNC Chair Reince Priebus said that the Party will not allow either network to host primary debates if they go ahead with planned projects surrounding Hillary Clinton.

Congratulations to the Republican Party for standing up to the Lieberal  thugs at these networks. 


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