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Why is Obama smiling?


Why is Obama smiling?

When droves of Americans no longer even hope to secure employment and drop out of those seeking employment….

When scandals abound — Benghazi; the Administration refusing to give information to Congressional committees;  Obamascare and the inability to impose any kind of intelligent organization to this catastrophic health scare plan;   the IRS spying on Americans;  the coordination of the CIA and FBI, and other governmental “initials”…..all to spy on AMERICANS;   the IRS prohibiting Conservative groups from their right to be non-profits;     countless political appointees who didn’t follow American laws, and yet, are installed in positions of power and influence;        lavish vacations for the big O and his family……..and friends…….AND,  reporters who cover the White House;      waivers for Unions, big political contributors (to Democrats, of course, especially Obama) ;     and anyone who can spell “Democrat”………………………..

Shouldn’t President Obama, and all of his administration, be FROWNING .………and working late at night to correct these scandals?

That’s what you would expect from an honest Administration or Congress.  In actuality, there is no need to concentrate on these scandals when  the NBC, ABC< MSNBC, ABC, and Obama’s other minions all  pretend that everything is hunky-dorey in America, and around the world.  No one contests Obama’s repeated lies, repeated omissions of facts, nor his repeated rewriting of his own History!


So, given that Obama has a license to say, do, spend, “go around Congress”, wouldn’t YOU be smiling, too?