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Money Talks — and Stalks

Despite making numerous promises previously about his determination to make Public Financing his modus operandi, Senator Obama has now conveniently decided that he no longer needs Public Financing and, thus, isn’t going to go that route. Oh, yes, they are trying to repackage his routine as “true” public financing because he supposedly has so many donors. But, no matter how many euphemisms they dream up, it just isn’t Public Financing!

My impression is that his U-Turn is representative of his philosophies and his future actions. When he wants a vote, he uses whatever ploy is necessary to convince the public to vote for him. First, he canonized Pastor Wright in his book. Then, he renounces Wright. First, he will talk with any world leader anytime without preconditions. Now, he suggests those were just words from the “heat of battle”! Since he never served in the military, what does he know about the heat of battle?

This new direction for gathering political funds is just another example of his opportunisitic personality. If he needs “you”, he will be your best buddy. When you are no longer necessary, good-bye.

Obviously, money will be vital to the Presidential campaign. Although money stalks all political candidates, we now know that, unfortunately for the American people, MONEY talks Obama’s language — political expediency!

Universal Health care…

Read This!

So maybe, universal health care isn’t all it’s cracked out to be. I don’t understand why anyone would think it would be better. What does the government run/regulate that isn’t inefficient? Why does every other industry that isn’t heavily regulated by the government very efficient? It’s because when it’s private businesses who want to get your business, they’re going to have price wars.

Common sense people. Although no LIEberal understands that.

Mr. Knowledge


Read This!

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. What are the LIEberals going to whine about now? The fact that what we are doing over there is working. The fact that they are willing to take on these extremists themselves?

Maybe not a lot of action will come of this, but the fact it is said publicly, brings hope to an area of scoundrels. I’m glad someone like Karzai is willing to stand up to these extremists.

Mr. Knowledge

Change or same old-same old?

Obama has stoutly maintained that he is bringing a new brand of politics to our country, if he is elected. He claimed there would be no more of the “old” type of politicking. Oh, no, he swore that there would be no more back room stuff for him!!!!

So, what was his first course of action after receiving the required number of delegates to become the nominee? I mean, what was his first action AFTER another purportedly wonderful speech?


Guess Back Room Politics are still in vogue for the Democrats and Senator Obama! Grandiose speeches to the contrary, it is more of the same old-same old political chicanery for Democrats and Senator Obama.

A sign of the times?

All the political pundits are predicting that Hillary will bow out gracefully after tomorrow’s final primaries. As someone who felt that her husband disgraced the office of the President and she was little better, I did not want her in the White House. I feared she would continue the unethical behaviour of her husband.

As it turns out, I needn’t have worried. The Democratic party, enthralled by Obama’s rhetoric and his being Black have done to the Clintons what no one else could do. The party that brags about being all inclusive has thrown out the first viable woman for the Presidency.

Hillary and Bill have been pushed aside by the party that they helped reinvigorate…..but I shed no tears for them. Nor will Obama gain my sympathy if he fails because he knows all too well that he is unqualified for the Presidency. He is a neophyte in Washington and the world, compared to either Hillary or John McCain. His only claim to fame is that he is a Black man (equally white although he seldom mentions it) with a wonderful speaking voice.

Unfortunately, the world really doesn’t listen to even a wonderful speaking voice. The other countries are all jostling for supremacy and will laugh up their sleeves if we inaugurate someone as inexperienced as Obama is.

It is a sorry state of affairs when someone with less than a full term in the Senate, no true other leadership skills or experience, and little in his resume besides the Harvard Law Review might assume the Presidency of the United States.

No, it is not Obama’s skills which are propelling him to the top. The media is afraid to say anything negative for fear they will be accused of racism. The Democratic power structure has jumped on the Obama bandwagon because they, too, fear a black backlash in their own careers. None of them can truly claim that Obama has the requisite skills to be a capable world leader. It is just easier to go along rather than to be left behind.

The era of independent thought ended when people like Pelosi, Reid, and Kennedy became the standard bearers for the Democratic Party. So, don’t be surprised that all the politicians clamor for Obama. Their opportunistic support is merely a sign of the times.