Money Talks — and Stalks

Despite making numerous promises previously about his determination to make Public Financing his modus operandi, Senator Obama has now conveniently decided that he no longer needs Public Financing and, thus, isn’t going to go that route. Oh, yes, they are trying to repackage his routine as “true” public financing because he supposedly has so many donors. But, no matter how many euphemisms they dream up, it just isn’t Public Financing!

My impression is that his U-Turn is representative of his philosophies and his future actions. When he wants a vote, he uses whatever ploy is necessary to convince the public to vote for him. First, he canonized Pastor Wright in his book. Then, he renounces Wright. First, he will talk with any world leader anytime without preconditions. Now, he suggests those were just words from the “heat of battle”! Since he never served in the military, what does he know about the heat of battle?

This new direction for gathering political funds is just another example of his opportunisitic personality. If he needs “you”, he will be your best buddy. When you are no longer necessary, good-bye.

Obviously, money will be vital to the Presidential campaign. Although money stalks all political candidates, we now know that, unfortunately for the American people, MONEY talks Obama’s language — political expediency!

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