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Democrats and scorched earth policies…………….

Obama-scare is a huge failure.

Many of us who have lost our preferred health policy know that.  Many Americans with pre-existing conditions or terminal illnesses who have lost their health insurance know this.  Democrats who voted FOR it…..and who are now AGAINST it……………………know that.

And, because everyone knows that Obama-scare is a nightmare, and the majority of Americans disapprove of it, Democrats are running scared.  They know that they made a mistake by unilaterally ramming this bill through both houses of Congress.  They know, and KNEW,  that the law is unworkable.   And, they know that they might pay a political price in 2014 elections for having passed this monstrosity.

So, what do Democrats do?

First, they refuse to admit that the law should be repealed.

Second, they demonize anyone who makes a rational argument against Obama-scare.

Third, they demogogue those Americans who oppose Obama-scare.  Obama has publicly excoriated FOX news, specific FOX commentators, the Koch brothers, Republican senators and representatives.  Obama has attempted to make opposition to Obama-scare a racist issue by pretending that those who oppose the law are only racists who oppose HIM!  Republicans are called obstructionists because they OPPOSE A POLICY.  To a Democrat, Conservatives MUST be racist whenever they oppose a Liberal idea.

Fourth,  Democrats use any and every public event, and even the Senate floor, to demonize those who oppose Obama-scare.  Harry Reid even rebuked the Koch Brothers, conservatives, on the SENATE FLOOR.  In other words, Harry Reid has no scruples about using the sanctity of the Senate floor to insult and rebuke individual Americans who are using their resources to promote a conservative agenda. Unsurprisingly,  Harry doesn’t quibble when George Soros invests his vast empire to promote Lieberal causes.  But,in Harry’s world,  anyone who is conservatively oriented is apparently not allowed to freely invest their own political capital.–sector.html;_ylt=A0LEV0TAVg9TwicAlLRXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTB0ZGk2Z2FqBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDA3N18x

It’s obvious that Harry Reid and the Democrats are running away from Obama-scare like scalded cats!

It’s obvious that Democrats have NO legislation to be proud of because nothing they have proposed has helped Americans find employment nor to be safer and happier.

So, expect more diatribes from poor Harry in OUR Senate.  Expect Harry to forget that he should be an elder statesman, bringing legislators together.  Expect Harry to burn, pillage, and defile any and all conservative policies or Conservatives.  Because, the only way out of this horrendous mess for Democrats is to burn the House down.

And, if the earth is scorched, and Americans get burned,  as they march along to 2014 elections, Democrats don’t care.  Why?  Because………………..Winning and staying in power is all that concerns Democrats.

Is abortion racist?

Abortion….the murder of the most helpless of us all.

Abortion…..the psychological trauma that lasts a mother’s lifetime.


Of course it is.  Remember the butchering “doctor”, Gosnell, who gleefully scraped baby after baby out of their safe haven?  Remember Gosnell….the creep  who just as happily murdered any poor baby that survived an abortion?  Remember Gosnell…the serial killer who murdered countless innocents and whose office was in a black neighborhood?

I do.  And, what do you get when you combine abortion, a murdering doctor, and a black neighborhood?

Unsurprisingly, you have a hell where more black babies are murdered than white babies…or, Chinese babies…or Hispanic babies.  And, it happens to be true in New York city,too,  unfortunately.

Despite the fact that a New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene report found that more black babies were killed by abortion in the city than were born there in 2012, Mayor Bill de Blasio has pledged to partner with Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to expand their businesses and to wipe out pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.


So, knowing that more black babies are murdered due to abortions, why would anyone support, much less promote, abortions?  Knowing that a baby is murdered in EVERY ABORTION, why wouldn’t EVERYONE be against it?

Be aware.  Abortion  preys on everyone, but statistics prove that one ethnic group — Blacks —  is especially vulnerable. Why isn’t the Black community screaming?  Why aren’t we all screaming?

We know that Racism .is any event or activity that targets a specific ethnic group.  And, no matter what the rationale is, abortion targets Black babies and kills them.

The inevitable conclusion is that abortion is racist!

Censorship…..the Left’s Dirty Secret

Censorship has always been a dirty word in America.  No citizen believes that anyone should have the right to tell another what to say….to censor speech.  In fact, the right to Freedom of Speech, our First Amendment, is so intrinsic to our nature as Americans that even school children will cite it.  The only occasions that Americans understand a need for “some” censorship would be for National Security such as happens during wars.  Nowadays, we also understand that “some” censorship is acceptable to protect the inner workings of our intelligence systems or our negotiations with foreign nations from those who would harm us.

However, censorship can take many forms and much of that censorship is not only uncalled for, but is promoted for ulterior notices such as influencing an election.

In the past five years, the Left has succeeded in suppressing information about many situations  by claiming that releasing information would damage National Security.  Unfortunately, much of the details on those situations is NOT concealed for our own security, but for the benefit of a politician, or political party.  In effect, the Left and President Obama claim the right to hide almost anything that would damage them politically.  That is why they have misdirected, LIED, and obfuscated the free flow of information about:  Benghazi;  the CIA spying scandal;  the IRS subverting their powers by intimidating Conservative non-profits;  the ATF gun walking scandal;  the truth about Obama-scare…………………………..and, the list goes on and on.

The Left is comfortable with censorship or Lies because they are so accustomed to their political cronies lying!  This cynical, criminal habit of hiding the truth from the public probably began before Bill Clinton was President and before Hillary Clinton began her snow job on the Left.  However, though there are corrupt politicians in every party, the Left is unusually good at these activities.   Remember Hillary benefiting from the White Water scandal where she was the beneficiary of a huge windfall….one in which no broker could honestly say was possible?  Remember Bill hiding his perversions in the Oval Office from the public even under oath, until he was forced to admit it?   And, even then, he made excuses?  Remember Hillary savaging and persecuting the women (Wiley, Lewinsky, and others) to save their own political ambitions?  Remember the Clintons stealing the silverware when they left the White House………..and, maybe more?

Censorship is not a new activity in Washington, D.C.  Nor is the major news media playing lap dog to the Left, especially President Obama, a new or surprising development.

What is surprising, though, is the extent to which the media will go to promote the politicians and legislation of the Left.  The latest cry of the “Pack” of the Left is to elect Hillary Clinton.  All of the major newspapers, except for the WSJ, and all of the “major” networks (CBS, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CNN), are in full battle cry.  According to them, Hillary is the modern equivalent of the Virgin Mary because Hillary has done NO WRONG……….NOT EVER….NO WAY….NO HOW!

These pseudo news outlets run ONLY stories that promote Saint Hillary.  They ignore her failures when she was Bill’s wife, First lady, Senator, and even Secretary of State because those failures do nothing to advance Hillary as a viable President.

Even though it seems impossible for those media to do anything more for Hillary, they have now added censorship to their repertoire.  Censorship?  Yes, Censorship.  Censorship of a surreptitious nature because the Left is desperate to prevent bringing up Hillary’s history because they KNOW that Hillary’s history will kill her, and their, political ambitions.  Who wants a President who intimidated women?  Who wants a President who couldn’t understand the importance of securing an American embassy where Americans, including our Ambassador Stevens, were murdered?  Who wants a President who has a history of thuggery, outright lying, and incompetence?  Because, that is the kind of President that Hillary would be.

So, CBS pretends that these issues from Hillary’s past are not of importance when considering her as a candidate for President of the United States!

Of course CBS wants to suppress the story.  Of course CBS wants Hillary to be the next President.  And, of course, CBS, like Candy Crowley of CNN fame — or infamy, will use any method to help the Democrats and, most especially Hillary, the face of the Democrats for 2016.

Censorship has always been a double-edged sword for our Democracy.  That is why the First Amendment guarantees Freedom of Speech.  And, that Freedom of Speech should never be abrogated by any individual, any institution, or any media outlet.  So, while we need some discretion on true National Security issues, we DO NOT NEED the media to be hiding and obscuring FACTS about people running for political office, especially the Presidency of our great country.  The Fourth Estate, the media, have NOT been providing news for a long time.  They are content to regurgitate whatever the Democrats, President Obama or any on the Left, tell them.  That suppression of Truth is one of the most detrimental types of censorship experienced in the United States.

Censorship by the media is a direct contradiction to what we expect from the media.  And, the Democrats will never acknowledge that they censor what we hear from them.  But, when President Obama and the Democrats misdirect, hide, Lie, and withhold the truth  from us because they hold the reins of the media, censorship will continue.

Censorship……………..the Left’s Dirty Secret.

Grandchildren are the reward of a long life!

We are lucky to have 9 beautiful grandchildren.  They come in all ages, sizes, and shapes.  Each and every one of them is beautiful and a bright spot in our lives.

These grandchildren were born to moms and dads who have loved them since before the day of birth.   We grandparents were just as thrilled to know we had another grandchild in the family who would  bring even more joy to all of us.

Other babies are not so lucky.  Some of them are scraped out of their mothers’ wombs…..a torture that cannot even be imagined by most of us.  Other babies die from their mothers’ use of drugs or alcohol.  Yet other babies die as a result of assault or accidents.  Sad to say, these babies are treated worse than most people treat their pets!

Worse yet, is that there is no reason for these babies to suffer because there are throngs of people who would adopt these babies and give them a wonderful, loving home.  For unknown reasons, though, some mothers choose the dark path for themselves and death for their babies.  It is an unreasonable and immoral choice.  Pro choice advocates’ argument for abortions is that the mothers have no choice because they are too poor, too weak, too alone, or just too “something” to bear the burden of raising a child.

Hogwash!  If killing another is murder, then the killing of an innocent is absolutely murder!  And, the murder is a tortuous one.  Imagine someone taking a razor to your own body.  This is what an abortion is.  Of course, Planned Parenthood ignores this horror and promotes a selfish view citing the “right” of the mother to choose her own life’s course.  Naturally, the baby is not part of this “choice” and thus, must be done away with.  The concept of “choice” does not pertain to the baby, only the mother, if Planned Parenthood is the arbiter.  I have never understood why it is acceptable to kill an infant in its mother’s womb, or as it comes out of its safe haven, when it is a crime to kill the mother… ANY TIME OF HER LIFE.

How tragic that all of these millions of babies who have been murdered could be the joy and delight to an adopted parent or a doting grandparent.  Babies give everyone, especially grandparents, new interests in life and a reason to keep involved in sports, school, and all kinds of projects as they follow their grandchildren.  It is a compliment of the highest order when a grandchild runs into a grandpa or grandma’s arms.  Cuddling these little ones is a happiness beyond anyone’s imagination and I wish that everyone would have the opportunity that we  enjoy.

So, to all the mothers who are contemplating an abortion,  please consider adoption.  There are other mothers and fathers who yearn to hold a baby of their own.  There are even more grandparents just waiting to have another chance to love a baby and to spoil a grandchild.

As a Grandma with a lot of experience, I can say that there is no greater joy than holding a grandson or granddaughter or feeling their warm faces against your cheek.  When they look at you and say, “I love you, Grandma” or, “I love you Grandpa”, the circle of love is complete.

Yes, we love our grandchildren and have been fortunate enough to be part of their lives.  They have made our lives fuller and richer, just for having been born. We, and their parents, have created a world where our grandchildren can grow into responsible, mature and loving adults.  When it is their turn, they can return the love to their own children and grandchildren, enriching everyone around them!  It is the wheel of Life and the coaster ride is well worth the price of admission!

My husband and I — Grandma and Grandpa — can state with absolute certainty that GRANDCHILDREN ARE THE REWARD OF A LONG LIFE.