We are lucky to have 9 beautiful grandchildren.  They come in all ages, sizes, and shapes.  Each and every one of them is beautiful and a bright spot in our lives.

These grandchildren were born to moms and dads who have loved them since before the day of birth.   We grandparents were just as thrilled to know we had another grandchild in the family who would  bring even more joy to all of us.

Other babies are not so lucky.  Some of them are scraped out of their mothers’ wombs…..a torture that cannot even be imagined by most of us.  Other babies die from their mothers’ use of drugs or alcohol.  Yet other babies die as a result of assault or accidents.  Sad to say, these babies are treated worse than most people treat their pets!

Worse yet, is that there is no reason for these babies to suffer because there are throngs of people who would adopt these babies and give them a wonderful, loving home.  For unknown reasons, though, some mothers choose the dark path for themselves and death for their babies.  It is an unreasonable and immoral choice.  Pro choice advocates’ argument for abortions is that the mothers have no choice because they are too poor, too weak, too alone, or just too “something” to bear the burden of raising a child.

Hogwash!  If killing another is murder, then the killing of an innocent is absolutely murder!  And, the murder is a tortuous one.  Imagine someone taking a razor to your own body.  This is what an abortion is.  Of course, Planned Parenthood ignores this horror and promotes a selfish view citing the “right” of the mother to choose her own life’s course.  Naturally, the baby is not part of this “choice” and thus, must be done away with.  The concept of “choice” does not pertain to the baby, only the mother, if Planned Parenthood is the arbiter.  I have never understood why it is acceptable to kill an infant in its mother’s womb, or as it comes out of its safe haven, when it is a crime to kill the mother…..at ANY TIME OF HER LIFE.

How tragic that all of these millions of babies who have been murdered could be the joy and delight to an adopted parent or a doting grandparent.  Babies give everyone, especially grandparents, new interests in life and a reason to keep involved in sports, school, and all kinds of projects as they follow their grandchildren.  It is a compliment of the highest order when a grandchild runs into a grandpa or grandma’s arms.  Cuddling these little ones is a happiness beyond anyone’s imagination and I wish that everyone would have the opportunity that we  enjoy.

So, to all the mothers who are contemplating an abortion,  please consider adoption.  There are other mothers and fathers who yearn to hold a baby of their own.  There are even more grandparents just waiting to have another chance to love a baby and to spoil a grandchild.

As a Grandma with a lot of experience, I can say that there is no greater joy than holding a grandson or granddaughter or feeling their warm faces against your cheek.  When they look at you and say, “I love you, Grandma” or, “I love you Grandpa”, the circle of love is complete.

Yes, we love our grandchildren and have been fortunate enough to be part of their lives.  They have made our lives fuller and richer, just for having been born. We, and their parents, have created a world where our grandchildren can grow into responsible, mature and loving adults.  When it is their turn, they can return the love to their own children and grandchildren, enriching everyone around them!  It is the wheel of Life and the coaster ride is well worth the price of admission!

My husband and I — Grandma and Grandpa — can state with absolute certainty that GRANDCHILDREN ARE THE REWARD OF A LONG LIFE.