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Obama………..The Great Appeaser

A form of Winston Churchill’s quotation, made in a radio broadcast in October 1939 was:

“I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma…………”

Russia is actually NOT a mystery at all.  Putin wants more………..more land, more access to Europe, more power………..more, more, more.  Putin is easy to understand if you remember he was a KGB operative and now is a dictator of a huge land mass in our world.

No, Putin and his motives and actions are easy to understand.

What is difficult to understand is why any United States President would be determined to destroy the country that allowed him to be President?

All of our freedoms were bought with American blood.  All of the wonderful inventions, like the Internet and countless spin offs from the space program, were American inventions.  Our unique place in the world was the result of AMERICAN ingenuity and persistence and blood, sweat, and tears, in an open, capitalistic market.

Our strong military, our strong health care system, our strong market place which fosters upward growth for everyone……………all are symbols of American prowess.

Why, then, does President Obama  persist in systematically destroying all that our country has created?

He has destroyed the health care system with Obama-scare.  He has destroyed much of the free market place’s ambition with his bailouts of losing companies.  He has destroyed jobs with his continual hand-outs and by stifling markets due to an insane adherence to the failed philosophy of climate change. He has destroyed the United States’ once booming economy.

It’s not enough to reduce our defense budget over and over.  It’s not enough to give away all the gains that our military earned in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It’s not enough to leave the Ukraine defenseless, even though we promised to protect them.  It wasn’t enough to refuse to follow through with our missile defense programs in Europe and it wasn’t  enough to tell Russia, and the world, that we will NOT use military force.   He has left us defenseless and, basically, naked before the world for any despot to take shots at.  We are now the bull’s eye of the world.

Nope.  Now, Obama wants to erase one of our most successful defensive weapons.

Obama Seeking to Abolish Tomahawk, Hellfire Missile Programs

For all Obama’s protestations to the contrary, it is obvious that he doesn’t really like America much.  If he did, he would have embraced America’s exceptional history with all the triumphs in social justice.  He would have hailed  our national desire to help those less fortunate than us by being  the bulwark for the world against Communism, Fascism, and dictators.  And, yes, he would have bragged about our Foreign Aid which, through the years, has rebuilt Europe, saved millions of Africans from Aids, fed the hungry throughout the world, and, always, been the helping hand for other peoples and countries.

You would think that an American President would take great pride in America.  But, not President Obama.  He has done more damage to our economy, social fabric, and standing in the world than all the Presidents who came before him.  He has opened the door to aggression like Russia’s takeover of Crimea, and eventually all of the Ukraine.

The question is why?  Why would Obama prefer to see America weak and cringing before a petty tyrant like Putin?  Why would we be obsequious before illegal immigrants who demand and demand?  Why would we bow before any other nation or figurehead of that nation?

I think the answer is that Obama is the great appeaser.  He has no experience in the military nor market place to teach him the value of the American backbone.  He prefers to placate and to pacify rather than stand up for American ideals.  He is a paper tiger, glorified as the first Black President, NOT as a great American President.  And, I’m afraid, that he is leading our great country into an abyss which we may never recover from.

Appeasement is for the weak.  America is, and should be, stronger than to let playground bullies like Putin take the lead.

So, draw that red line, Mr. President.  Then, stand right on the edge of that line and tell Putin to take that ship out of Havana………or else!

Tell Putin to pull his troops back……………..or else.

Then, send in the Marines, the Army, the Navy, and the Coast Guard, if needed.

There’s still time for you to become a great President.  But, you have to accept and reinforce America’s greatness.  Being the Great Appeaser is not a role any American President should have!

Obama….afraid of Putin’s shadow!

Ukraine is in chaos.

Obama demands Russia stay out.

Putin sends in Russian troops.

And, what is President Obama’s response?

He wags his finger.  He postures.  He TALKS  AT Putin.  He has Secretary of State Kerry call his counterpart in Russia.

Wow.  Thanks to Obama’s placating manner and his deliberate ineptness in handling America’s military power, Putin is now convinced that he, and Russia, are the world’s new top dogs.  When Putin speaks, everyone listens.  When Putin flexes his muscles, the shock waves threaten the entire world.  When Putin wants to invade the Ukraine……he does!

And, our President?  He talks…..right through Happy hour at the local Democrat’s party zone.  Our President?  He drinks and glad-hands his buddies…..while the citizens of the Ukraine wait and hope…..while Americans wait, unemployed, at home………while the world waits, wondering what happened to America’s might.

Everyone, except Putin, waits because Obama is afraid to act.  He is afraid to lead.  He seems afraid of his own shadow.  In fact, it looks to me as though the only one afraid of Obama is the American media!

No wonder that Americans are pessimistic about the future.  And, the person to blame is President Obama.  Yes, the future is dark because President Obama has failed in his responsibilities as the leader of the free world.  And, now,  Putin is casting a long shadow and Obama…….why, even he seems afraid of Putin’s shadow!