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Obama….afraid of Putin’s shadow!

Ukraine is in chaos.

Obama demands Russia stay out.

Putin sends in Russian troops.

And, what is President Obama’s response?

He wags his finger.  He postures.  He TALKS  AT Putin.  He has Secretary of State Kerry call his counterpart in Russia.

Wow.  Thanks to Obama’s placating manner and his deliberate ineptness in handling America’s military power, Putin is now convinced that he, and Russia, are the world’s new top dogs.  When Putin speaks, everyone listens.  When Putin flexes his muscles, the shock waves threaten the entire world.  When Putin wants to invade the Ukraine……he does!

And, our President?  He talks…..right through Happy hour at the local Democrat’s party zone.  Our President?  He drinks and glad-hands his buddies…..while the citizens of the Ukraine wait and hope…..while Americans wait, unemployed, at home………while the world waits, wondering what happened to America’s might.

Everyone, except Putin, waits because Obama is afraid to act.  He is afraid to lead.  He seems afraid of his own shadow.  In fact, it looks to me as though the only one afraid of Obama is the American media!

No wonder that Americans are pessimistic about the future.  And, the person to blame is President Obama.  Yes, the future is dark because President Obama has failed in his responsibilities as the leader of the free world.  And, now,  Putin is casting a long shadow and Obama…….why, even he seems afraid of Putin’s shadow!